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Join Us Raising Our New Child on “Driven Outdoors” with Nicole Reeve


Editor’s Note: Nicole Reeve and her husband Pat are Mossy Oak pros who host the TV show “Driven with Pat and Nicole” on the Outdoor Channel. 

Pat and I have both been asked, “What do you see in your future besides a baby?” We both answer, “Lots and lots of hunting. Also, helping others learn to love the outdoors and hunting like we do.” We’ll learn more ways to adapt. 

When people in our industry learned that I was pregnant, planned to hunt the entire 2014/2015 season and then after the baby came, still planned to go shed hunting and plant food plots, often they were surprised. One of the really-cool things that’s happened is some of the neat things that some of our sponsors have done. For NReeveChange5_llinstance, Tenzing – a company that makes quality backpacks - is building me a baby carrier. Then, I can take the baby with me when I’m shed hunting or planting food plots. This baby carrier will be built in the new Mossy Oak Country pattern. I believe the future of our sport of hunting is dependent on getting more women and children involved in outdoor activities. By making a baby carrier in Mossy Oak Country, I think that we can get youngsters out in the woods at a younger age. Also, we can provide a way for a country or city woman who likes to hunt, work in the yard or work on the farm to be able to have her baby with her, while she’s in the outdoors. 

I think many youngsters today spend too much time indoors, watching television and playing computer games. Because I went outdoors with my dad, my mom and my two older brothers, I learned a great respect for the outdoors and discovered a need to be in the outdoors as much as I could be. I also found that Mossy Oak preached and still preaches the gospel of spending time with your family outdoors. Those memories that we made when I was a youngster helped shape my future and built really-strong ties to my family. If it weren’t for my family caring enough about me to make sure I had a good outdoor education and a good hunting education, I really believe I wouldn’t be able to do what I do today. 

The baby we’re looking forward to having will be a baby driven by the outdoors, just like Pat and I. We’ll continue to post what hunting with a baby is like this upcoming season. Next year all of you will be able to watch our baby begin to grow up in front of your eyes, just like the child will grow up in front of our eyes while we’re out hunting, traveling and creating more episodes of “Driven with Pat and Nicole.”

Day 4: Nicole and Pat Reeve Will Adapt Hunting and Work to Accommodate a Newborn

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