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Nicole Jones Reeve: Driven to Hunt


Pat and Nicole Jones Reeve Probably Bleed Mossy Oak

Editor’s Note: Pat Reeve and Nicole Jones, the hosts of “Driven with Pat & Nicole” ( on the Outdoor Channel, have been married since June, 2012. They don’t hesitate to look danger in the face and never flinch. They rely heavily on their Mossy Oak camo to make them appear to be invisible to the critters they hunt. At 110 pounds and looking like a fashion model, Nicole is the last person you’d expect to stalk a lion, shoot it with a bow, jump out of an airplane from 12,000 feet, ride a jet boat down a raging river, crawl through mud, eat dust and climb mountains to live the Mossy Oak obsession. Nicole admits, “I’m an adrenaline junkie. Just like my husband, I’m driven to hunt.”

3Reeve1_llBelieve it or not, Pat and I met for the first time at the Archery Trade Association Show about 8-years ago,” Nicole says. “So, all you attractive young ladies out there, if you want to find a husband, learn to shoot and hunt with a bow, and come to the ATA Show next year. We’re seeing more women coming into archery and bowhunting.” The Reeves go to work every day wearing Mossy Oak clothing. They work, hunt and travel with each other every day. Pat says “We have the same problems every married couple has. And, of course, sometimes we have little spousal tiffs, but one of the advantages that Nicole brings to our marriage and our business is that her daddy taught her to hunt and love the outdoors. Nicole isn’t just a good-looking lady on TV. She’s a very-serious hunter and loves hunting just as much as I do, if not more.”

“I guess the one thing we argue about the most is filming,” Nicole says. “Pat is such a perfectionist about shooting. When I’m shooting the video camera and not getting the footage the way he wants, we may get into an argument. Before I started shooting for Pat, he had a guy filming him who was much-stronger than me. When we’re on a hunt, and I have to hold the camera for a long time, or I have to get into an unusual position to film, I don’t have the strength to shoot the video exactly the way Pat would like for it to be shot.”  

Pat laughs and says, “I don’t have a high level of patience. I expect Nicole to shoot the same way I shoot and put as much energy and effort into getting the shot with the video camera as I do. If I see her taking a shortcut or not doing a good job behind the video camera, I get upset, because I know that we have to maintain a high standard of video to stay in this business. That’s the reason our TV show is called ‘Driven.’ We’re driven to hunt hard and hunt long and to shoot the best-quality video we possibly can shoot.”

Nicole explains, “For me, our work never seems like a job. My alone time is when I go to the grocery store to get groceries, or when Pat runs-out to do an errand. For the most part, we’re together all the time and we love it. I think that one of the reasons we got married is that we’re both passionate about hunting, filming and being in the outdoors. I really believe our love of the outdoors has helped us bind to each other.” These two Mossy Oak Pros have learned not only how to hunt, film and produce a TV show together, but they’ve also learned how to endure each other and become one of the outdoor industry’s favorite couples.

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