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Nicole and Pat Reeve Will Adapt Hunting and Work to Accommodate a Newborn


Editor’s Note: Nicole Reeve and her husband Pat are Mossy Oak pros who host the TV show “Driven with Pat and Nicole” on the Outdoor Channel. 

All year long I've been asked, “How are you and Pat going to travel and video for your TV show, ‘Driven with Pat and Nicole,’ once the baby comes?” We may have to take turns hunting. Also, we have some videographers hired to work with us next season. So, one of us may stay with the baby, while the other one hunts. My mom or my dad may go with us, or we may hire a nanny to stay with the baby during the time we’re out in the woods. But of course there will be some hunts that Pat will have to go on without me and take a videographer with him, especially if he's hunting in the mountains or staying out in the woods for a long time. While he's gone, I may stay at home and hunt around Minnesota where we live. 

NReeveChange4_llWhen we can, we’re really excited about taking our baby with us, because we don’t believe there's any better place for any youngster to grow up than in the outdoors. We don’t believe there’s any better people for a child to associate with than people in the outdoor industry. Like Mossy Oak is family, the outdoor industry is also a family of people. Imagine all the different kinds of people and the various cultures that he/she will be able to see, meet and participate with in outdoor adventures. 

Pat and I really don’t want to know the sex of the baby until the baby is born. There are already so many predetermined things that occur in our lives that we’ll enjoy being surprised. I'm really looking forward to Pat being in the delivery room, hearing him tell me whether we've had a boy or a girl and then going out to our family and letting them be excited about whether we've had a girl or a boy. 

If we have a girl, she’ll go with us and be able to hunt with us and learn about the outdoors the same as if we have a boy. That’s part of what I love about the outdoors. Children can be accepted as children. They can be taught to hunt, fish and learn other outdoor skills on equal footing. 

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