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Nukem Hunting Launches Run and Gun Blind in Mossy Oak Camo

Nukem Hunting Blinds

The patented Nukem Hunting Blind, the first ground blind designed for the mobile hunter, has partnered with Mossy Oak to offer blinds in Bottomland and Obsession patterns. The "Run and Gun" portable hunting blind allows hunters to move quickly and silently through the woods. The Nukem blind weighs less than 4 pounds, is stake-free, and easily folds to eliminate the headache associated with conventional ground blinds. Hunters can set up wherever and whenever with ease and quickness.

"Nukem Hunting Blinds were developed to create a blind like no other on the market for hunters who like to go where the action is. We are ecstatic to have a brand such as Mossy Oak on our blinds so we can offer the best blind in the best patterns for hunters," said Pat Newcomb, President of Nukem Hunting.  

Nukem Hunting Blinds

The Nukem portable hunting blinds come in two sizes: one for hunting from the ground and the other to accomodate a chair. The window height adjusts based on the width of the blind, so no matter the age or size, hunters are concealed yet able to see their surroundings. This blind is one-of-a-kind.

The blinds are $109 and $129.99. The Mossy Oak patterns offered for the Nukem blinds are Bottomland and Obsession. Check them out at  

Nukem Hunting Blinds logo

Nukem Hunting is a family owned company from western North Carolina. Founder Pat Newcomb wanted to create a hunting blind for the mobile hunter. Coming from generations of hunters, Pat developed a passion for the outdoors at a very young age. Turkey Hunting especially inspired Pat to create a blind that can be used for any style of ground hunting, giving the hunter an option to sit for hours or be mobile at any moment. Now a father himself, this blind has become an even more essential piece of equipment allowing for a double setup with his daughter being able to adjust her blind to not miss out on any of the action. The Nukem blind has helped Pat share his love for hunting with his daughter who now has a true love, excitement, and appreciation for the great outdoors.   

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