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Nicole Reeve on Putting Up With Her Husband Pat 24/7


Editor’s Note: Nicole Reeve and her husband Pat are Mossy Oak pros who host the TV show “Driven with Pat and Nicole” on the Outdoor Channel. 

I've always love to hunt. When I first started dating Pat, we enjoyed hunting together. We really enjoyed sitting in the woods in a tree stand for long periods of time with no one around but just us two. When we began filming together, we lost that special time in the tree that we enjoyed. Pat would take one cameraman with him, and I’d take a different cameraman with me. One day Pat said, “Why don’t I teach you to run the video camera? Then we can hunt together like we once did.” Pat has done a wonderful job of teaching me how to video the hunt and all the elements that go into getting the footage that we need for a great TV show. But I still don’t think I have as creative an eye as Pat has. 

NicoleRChange3_llAt different seminars, consumer shows and trade shows that we've put on or been a part of, I'm often asked by men as well as women, “How do you put up with your husband 24/7?” Pat and I have the same love of the outdoors, the same love of hunting, the same love of wanting to be in the outdoors and the same love for our family. I think that’s why being together 24/7 doesn’t put the strain on our marriage as it may have if we haven’t had the same interests. Don’t get me wrong.  When we’re in the tree stand, when I've missed the opportunity to take a game animal, or if I've missed an animal, Pat gets a little frustrated with me. But for the most part, our marriage has been wonderful. I can’t imagine spending a day without Pat. I can’t imagine not spending all day, every day with him. I don’t think we’re ever tired of being together - as strange as that may seem. He's the person I prefer to hunt and travel with, and I think he feels the same way about me. So, maybe this is the reason we don’t have as many problems as many marriages do when husbands and wives have to spend a lot of time together. 

Also, I enjoy the work he does, and I think he enjoys the work that I do. Regardless of whether I'm behind the camera or shooting a gun or a bow, I enjoy making great video as much as I enjoy taking a trophy animal. I think Pat feels the same way. When one of us takes a deer, and the other person gets good video, we can both share the excitement of the hunt and the excitement of filming a great hunt on video. Because of our like interests, I think we share a happiness that maybe other husbands and wives don’t have the opportunity to share. Pat and I are very much a team. When the team wins, both Pat and I win individually. 

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