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Nicole Reeve - I Haven’t Let My Pregnancy Slow Me Down about Hunting


Editor’s Note: Nicole Reeve and her husband Pat are Mossy Oak pros who host the TV show “Driven with Pat and Nicole” on the Outdoor Channel. 

We’re really looking forward to taking our newborn with us on some of our hunts next year. The new baby represents the next generation of the “Driven” family. Just like Mossy Oak believes strongly in family and the outdoors, everyone connected with the “Driven” TV show is all about family and taking youngsters hunting. Pat and I already have four children, and this baby will make five. I think having another little young one running around camp and hanging out with Pat and me will be wonderful. He/she will get to learn about hunting in the outdoors even before he/she can walk. Also, he/she will meet many outdoor people before he/she can talk. 

NReevechange2_llWhen we found out we were having another child, one of the first people to come up and give me a big hug and say congratulations was Toxey Haas - the creator of Mossy Oak. I haven’t had any morning sickness or any sickness of any kind. So, this has been a wonderful pregnancy and a wonderful time to be outdoors. 

I'm often asked, “Nicole, when you hunted, did you have to make any allowances because of your pregnancy?” I smile and say, “Yes. My long underwear has started to get a little tight around the middle.” One of my fondest memories occurred in the late season in Minnesota where we live. Pat was trying to take a big buck. We had sent one of our videographers home for Christmas, and Pat really wanted to try to take this big whitetail. I said, “Honey, that’s no problem. I can film for you.” Pat said, ‘No. It’s too cold. It’s minus-10 degrees outside. You're pregnant, and you're not going to go film me.” I told him, “Absolutely, I'm going to go film you. All I need is a couple more layers of clothes, and I’ll be fine.” So, I put on extra clothing, climbed up in the tree stand and started doing my job as a videographer. When I discovered I was pregnant, I think Pat was hoping that I would start to slow down my hunting schedule - but I sure didn’t. I only missed a couple of hunts that I would have attended. I found that I could do everything that I had done before I got pregnant, while I was pregnant. 

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