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Pat Reeve on His Most Memorable Hunts

Pat Reeve Says His Wife Nicole Is One More Tough Hunter


Editor’s Note: Mossy Oak pros Pat Reeve and his wife Nicole have hosted “Driven with Pat and Nicole,” a TV show on the Outdoor Channel for the past 10 seasons. The biggest news from Pat and Nicole is that during the 2014-2015 season Nicole was with child. 

Next season we plan to take our baby on the road with us when we can, which will create an interesting dynamic to our hunting season. This is our fifth child, so we have some built-in baby sitters, and the other children travel with us quite a bit during hunting season. This new child will mean we’ll be hunting, traveling and taking care of a newborn. Nicole’s mom also will help us take care of the baby, while Nicole’s hunting. This hunting season we’ll have to be more focused on the type hunts we go on and stay at places that are baby friendly. We’re excited about traveling in a bus wrapped in Mossy Oak this season, and that will give us much more privacy than our staying in camp houses. 

ReeveMemorable1_llWhat really surprised me in the 2014 hunting season was that even though Nicole was pregnant, we had to make very few adjustments as to where and how we hunted. I was totally amazed that she didn’t have morning sickness. We hunted all the way up to January 2015. 

One morning during the late season, I had told Nicole that we wouldn’t hunt the next morning. But on this particular day, I decided that we really needed to hunt that morning, even though the temperature was below zero. I had set-up stands to try and take a buck as he came from his feeding area going to his bedding area. Since Nicole already had tagged out in Minnesota, she was going to run the camera. Hopefully, she could film me taking a nice buck. We had to get up early and were in our stands 1-1/2-hours before daylight in really cold weather. 

When you're deer hunting, you try to focus all your attention on seeing the deer, but that morning the weather was so cold that I started being concerned about Nicole and making sure that she and the baby stayed warm. We sat on our stand until 9:00 am, and Nicole never complained. This characteristic of hers makes her a unique hunting partner and wife. Her passion to hunt is stronger than any other hunter I’ve ever known.

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