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The Best Camp Coffee Makers of 2021

Some people need coffee to start their day off right. However, when you’re camping, you might struggle to find a coffee shop close enough to your site. If you’re a diehard coffee lover, add a camp coffee maker to your gear for a guaranteed hit of caffeine every morning.

Not all camp coffee makers are created equal. The best option for you will depend on whether you are thru-hiking or car-camping and what kind of camping stove you have. Whatever your priorities, one of the best camp coffee makers of 2021 will suit your camping style. 

camp coffee

How to Choose the Best Camp Coffee Maker for You

There are a few things that will influence your choice of coffee maker. The most important is what style of camping you prefer. If you’re driving to your campsite to prepare for an early morning hunt, you don’t need to worry about weight and portability. However, if you’re planning a multi-day thru-hike, you’ll want to find a lightweight, collapsible option that saves space in your backpack.

Another consideration is how you’ll be brewing your coffee. Will you be cooking over a campfire? Or do you already have a gas-powered camping stove? What you use to heat up your food and water makes a difference to the type of pot you can use, so check your coffee maker is compatible with your stove.

You’ll also want to consider your water source. Some coffee makers have built-in water filters that clean the water, ensuring your coffee is safe to drink. However, if you have easy access to clean water or already own a water purification system, you won’t need to worry about that feature.

You also need to decide what type of coffee you want. There are many options available, including drip coffee makers, espresso makers, and french presses. All of them will wake you up, but choose the style that produces the flavor you prefer. 

GSI Outdoors drip coffee maker

Best Camp Coffee Maker for Backpackers: GSI Ultralight Java Drip

Most backpackers travel ultralight. Each added ounce means more work for you, so adding a coffee maker might not be high on your list. GSI’s Ultralight Java Drip is super-light because it’s made of nylon. The tiny collapsible coffee maker clips onto any cup so you won’t get any coffee grounds in your mug. The nylon fabric acts as a filter, so you won’t need any added equipment. 

You’ll need a pot to boil the water and a camping mug. Each hiker should have their own Java Drip. This inexpensive option weighs less than half an ounce, so thru-hikers can enjoy coffee without extra effort. 

Best French Press Camp Coffee Maker: ESPRO Ultralight Coffee Press P0

French press lovers will appreciate this ESPRO Coffee Press. Weighing 7.4 oz, it’s relatively light and can hold up to 16 oz. of coffee. The fantastic thing about this coffee press is it works as an insulated travel mug as well. Boil your water over your stove or campfire, put in your coffee grounds, and pour water over it. After four minutes, push down the press, and you’ll have your morning joe or afternoon pick-me-up. 

If you want to hit the trail, you can secure the lid, and it’ll stay hot for up to six hours. Or, you can sip it as you go. This lightweight, portable option is fantastic for cold or damp weather. Follow these tips for camping in the rain to ensure your fire doesn’t go out before you get your steaming cup of hot coffee.

Although lightweight, this press isn’t collapsible, so backpackers may struggle to fit it in on longer hikes. However, car campers and hunters out for the day will enjoy having a hot drink all day long.
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Best Camp Coffee Maker for Groups: GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel 14-Cup Percolator

For big families or car campers who love socializing, the 14-cup percolator is a fantastic choice.  It’s stainless steel, making it resistant to scratches and corrosion, and it makes enough coffee for the whole family and any new camp friends. Weighing 2.2 lbs, this hefty coffee maker is only suitable for car campers or hunters.

It’s easy to use and comes with an inner basket for simple brewing. You can check on the progress through the glass dome lid, so your coffee won’t boil over. Just check the percolator will fit on your camping stove before purchasing.

Best Filter Camp Coffee Maker: Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

Coleman is a camping gear manufacturer known for its high-quality, durable products, and its Camping Coffee Maker is no exception. Best for car campers, this coffee maker makes 10 cups of coffee, perfect for the family or a group of hunting buddies. 

You’ll need a larger camping stove for this coffee maker, but it will fit on most Coleman stoves, and you’ll also need to purchase additional filters. The swing-out basket is removable, making it easy to clean. However, you may want to buy a carrying case for it, since the box it comes in isn’t durable.

If you plan to set up camp in one place and go for hikes, hunts, or treks to the best fishing hole nearby, this coffee maker is ideal. 

Best Espresso Camp Coffee Maker: Wacaco Nanopresso

This portable espresso machine creates some of the best tasting coffee on this list. However, it has lots of tiny parts, which can be challenging to clean if you don’t have easy access to water. 

The Nanopresso weighs 12.35 oz. when you include the machine, press, bag, cup, and scoop, meaning ultralight backpackers might prefer another option. However, if you can spare the weight in your pack, you’ll get incredible cups of espresso out in the wilderness. 

It’s easy to use, but you will need an additional pot to boil water in. Once boiled, pour the water over your tapped-down grounds, turn the pump knob, and pump the espresso in your mug. Unfortunately, you can only make one espresso shot at a time, so this is better for solo hikers.

Be Prepared for the Outdoors

Coffee makers aren’t the only gear you need before heading outside. At Mossy Oak, you can find the perfect camouflage jackets, warm winter hats, fishing gear, and more. Browse our online store to get the gear you need for your next camping adventure. 

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