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Steven Reinhold on Self-Filming a Duck Hunt

provided by John E. Phillips

Steven Reinhold of Nova, Ohio, has been on the Mossy Oak ProStaff for 15 years and has a TV show on the Hunt Channel titled, “True Life Hunting Adventures,” on My Outdoor TV. Reinhold started out in the TV business in 2008. “I eventually dropped out of that business because my children were growing up and going to college, and I didn’t want to miss any family time,” Reinhold explains. Then in 2018, Reinhold’s older son, Mason Reinhold, wanted to get back into the TV business, so they cranked it up then.

Stephen Reinhold duck hunt

One of the most difficult self-filming hunts is a duck hunt. The big advantage for using a LIDCAM, as you look down your gun barrel and get the picture for your shot, you can record how you lead the duck and make the shot. We also have our big camera set up, so we get two views of ducks coming in, mounting the shotgun, making the shot and watching the duck fall. Then, we can edit in the video from the big camera that’s filming the ducks coming into the LIDCAM, which gives us two different views of taking the shot on waterfowl. The only problem with the LIDCAM is you can’t zoom in with it; however, it allows you to get a different view of the hunt, and our LIDCAM is also HD quality. You can buy a very good LIDCAM from as little as $29 to as much as $89. 

I went on a hunt with Mario Friendy, also from the Mossy Oak ProStaff, and another hunter. We used LIDCAMS to film ducks, geese and Sandhill Cranes and got good footage of hunters taking their shots with those little video cameras that we wore on the bills of our Mossy Oak caps. The LIDCAMS can be ordered online like the other cameras I have referenced. Most duck hunts have two or three guys. So, we use the big camera to film them going out to pick up the ducks or to film the retriever recovering the ducks from the water. 

One of the neat things we’ve been able to do with a LIDCAM is to strap it to a dog. Then the dog can film going out to the duck, picking it up and bringing it back to the hunter. Or, the LIDCAM can film the dog jumping into the water, picking it up in its mouth and delivering it to its hunter. The LIDCAM is a really versatile camera that can be used to film numbers of situations on a hunt. Often when we’re duck hunting, we’ll be hunting in rainy weather. So, instead of taking our big Canon camera out, we’ll use LIDCAMS and TactaCams to film waterfowl hunts. You can take the LIDCAM off the cap and turn it toward your face. It’s an extremely versatile camera to self-film video hunts. If you’re bowhunting deer, the LIDCAM often gets the best footage of the deer coming in, you making the shot and seeing the deer take the arrow and run off. Also, this little camera, even on the top end, only costs about $89. It’s not a very expensive camera at all. The video is recorded on a micro-SD card and comes with a USB cable, so you can charge it.

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