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Mossy Oak Gun Cleaning Kit

Mossy Oak 90 Piece Gun Cleaning Kit


What's Included in the Universal Kit:

  • 1 Re-usable shotgun shell storage case
  • 1 Tool tray
  • 50 Cleaning patches
  • 6 Brass rods
  • 1 Double-ended brush
  • 2 Brass adaptors
  • 2 Nylon slotted jags
  • 12 Brass jags (.17/6.5/22/243/270/30-32/338/35/375/40-416/44/45 cal)
  • 10 Phosphor bronze brushes (10-12ga/20-28gs/410ga; 45/40/375-38ga; 17ga; 30/270/22)
  • 5 Bore mops (12ga, 20ga, 410ga,375-38/22 cal)

a flat lay image of all the pieces of the kit

Our Review

The universal kit includes any and all brass rods, brushes, mops, fittings, and jags that you might need for any gun. With this kit, you can easily clean all rifles, shotguns, and handguns regardless of barrel size. And all the pieces come in an organized box that looks like a shotgun shell, so it's easily recognizable in the garage or gear shed. For a very reasonable price of 15 bucks, we feel like it's a no brainer to grab this set for yourself or for a hunter in your life.

Purchase at Walmart for only $14.97 here!

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