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Spikeball Offers Limited Edition Mossy Oak Pro Kit

Spikeball, one of the fastest-growing sports in America, is proud to offer a limited edition Pro Kit featuring Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage. From backyard get-togethers to the park, and even on the beach, wherever there is a gathering of people who love to be outdoors and have fun, there is a good chance you will encounter them playing Spikeball.

Mossy Oak Spikeball

Spikeball is an energetic game that challenges friends, family, and competitors to spike, dive, and block a ball around a net. The game is similar to that of volleyball or four square, yet has its own unique rules that are gaining popularity all across the country.  Spikeball says they believe they have developed the next great American sport. 

With Spikeball fans emerging across America, fans who love the outdoors have voiced their desire for a camouflage, outdoor-themed Spikeball kit. Spikeball has answered the call from their outdoor fans with the Mossy Oak Pro Kit. 

“We love doing limited edition products. Our fans love limited edition products. After getting more and more requests to develop a camouflage Spikeball set, we are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with the OG, Mossy Oak,” said Nick Gonzales, Spikeball Marketing V.P.

The Limited Edition Mossy Oak Pro Kit is available for sale on Retails $125.00. Available in Mossy Oak Bottomland.

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