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The Best Gun Cleaning Kits That Do It All

Guides and outfitters constantly complain that hunters show up with weapons they don’t know how to use or weapons that simply don’t function correctly. You would think that hunters paying to hunt premium hunting property would show up with a gun that works. Yet, there are hunters who only pull their guns out of the case when it’s time to hunt not cleaning them when the previous season ended. They are the same hunters in the duck blind violating firearm safety rules trying to clear a jam. Any gun cleaning kit will help, but let’s review a few that many argue are the best gun cleaning kits. 

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The End Of Hunting Season Gear Care

The Otis Technology All-Caliber Elite Range Box

Otis has been around for a while and has a solid cleaning kit that is as good as it gets. This range box may be all you need to keep your best hunting guns clean and in good working order. This kit is made in America, and take a look at all you get:

  • Ripcords for the .22./.223, .30/.308, .38/9mm and 12-gauge

  • 2-inch and 3-inch 100 percent cotton patches, 3 slotted tips and 2 patch savers
  • .223/5.56mm chamber brush, pin punch, end brush, straight pick, locking lug scraper, short A.P. brush, male and female rod for precise cleaning
  • Two 8-inch, a 12-inch and 36-inch aircraft-grade Memory-Flex cables and thread connector for breech-to-muzzle cleaning
  • 5.56 B.O.N.E. tool to quickly clean the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin
  • 16 Bronze bore brushes for the .17, .22 limited breech, .22/.223, .243, .260, .270/7mm, .30-06, .300/.30-30/.308, .338, .35, .375-38 Cal/9mm, .40/10mm, .44/.45, .50 Cal, .410-Gauge, 28-Gauge, 20-Gauge, 16-Gauge and 12/10-Gauge

There are other goodies included, but as you can see, this is just about as complete of a turnkey range box as you can get. 

Mossy Oak CLP Gun Cleaning Products

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The GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit

Are you planning a guided hunt? Hunting guides passing on hunting tips will often suggest you pack a cleaning kit. This soft-sided case from GLORYFIRE is easy to pack, but you get a lot of bang for your buck in that case. If you prefer to clean your barrel with a rod, this kit has it. If you prefer to use a rope, then this case also has that. You have your choice of brass brushes or mops. Here are a few other items included:

  • The brushes included are the .17 /.20 /.22 / .40 /.45 / .243 / .270 / .35 / 9mm / .30 / .38 / .410 / .50 / 5.56mm / 12GA / 16GA / 20GA / 28GA; Mops: .17 / .22 / .30 / .35 / 9mm / .40 / .410 / .50 / 12GA / 20GA; Jags: .17 /.22 / .248 /.35 / 9mm / .25 / .270 / .30 / .338 / .375 / .40 / .44 / .45/ .50. The brushes included in the kit don’t require an adapter, but an adapter is included in case you already have some you want to add to the kit.
  • Reinforced rods for dependable and long-lasting use in the field or in the shop.
  • There are jags of various sizes to include: .17 /.22 / .243 /.35 / 9mm / .25 / .270 / .30 / .338 / .38 / .40 / .44 / .45/ .50. These are high quality brass and are not prone to shed.
  • Nylon, aluminum and brass brushes that are well constructed.
  • Cotton mops that don’t need an adapter. Like the brushes mentioned above, there is an adapter if you have mops you want to include from another kit. Mops included are the .17 / .22 / .30 / .35 /.38 / 9mm / .40 / .50 / 12GA / 20GA /410GA. 

The GLORYFIRE universal cleaning kit has almost anything you need to carry with you or to use in the shop. Make sure your spouse knows where to find this when your birthday rolls around.

RamRodz #70035 Universal Gun Cleaning System

The well-thought-out packaging of the RamRodz cleaning system is the first thing you will notice. It’s a four-layered approach to keeping everything organized and easy to get to. There is nothing more aggravating than needing something that always seems to be at the bottom of the box. One tray has all your tools, the next tray has your cleaning mat, the next is your work tray and the last one is your caliber-specific swabs and cleaning products. Some of the other features include:

  • Caliber-specific bore cleaners and brushes to include: .22, .223/5.56mm, .30/.308/7.62mm, .38/.357/.380/9mm, .40/10mm, .44/.45/.410, 12- and 20-gauge.

  • Two-sided picks, locking tweezers, cables and push-rods
  • Cleaning solution, lubrication oil and carbon-buster
  • Silicone-infused oiling cloth
  • RamRodz attachments use standard 8/32 threads
  • 500+ cleaning swabs

Browning Disassembled

As Universal As It Gets

No cleaning kit will work on every caliber made. These kits are well thought out and will work great for most hunters and gun enthusiasts. We all have that tool or contraption we have made and will never part with. Throw that in and you have a comprehensive cleaning system. Any of the three are great choices, but choose the one you will use. Show up with a clean weapon and enjoy the outdoors. You don’t want to be “that guy” who shows up with a gun too dirty to function.

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