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Key Items for Tire Repair Kit


There are countless things, both natural and manmade debris, you could run over when riding off road that could ruin your weekend. Thankfully, most Can-Am units have onboard storage options that are perfect places to put a small tire repair kit to get you back on the trail. Most of your custom tire repair kit needs can be found at your local auto parts store, box stores, or online. Here are seven key items we take with us each time we take an adventure.

1. Tire Plug Kit: These kits have the tools for plugging any puncture hole. Make sure to familiarize yourself with how the product works before heading out. 

2. Aerosol Tire Repair Sealant: While this product can make a mess of the inside of your tire, it may be needed as a last resort. Good for small leaks or leaking valve stems. 

3. Tire Pump: A good handheld pump or 12-volt electric pumps need to be added to your kit to get the much-needed air back in your tire. Some electric pumps even have a flashlight on them. 

4. Pliers: A good set of needle nose pliers will help remove any thing stuck in the tire. A set of needle nose vise grips will also be good for added grip. 

5. Flash Lights: The more the merrier. You never know when you might need some late evening repairs. A good headlamp and handheld flashlights illuminate your workspace. Extra batteries are a good idea. 

6. Extra Tire and Mounting Gear: If you plan an all-day riding in some tough terrain, take along a spare tire, jack and appropriate socket set.. Can-Am sells several styles of spare tire mounting brackets to fit most machines. Learn more at

7. Tire Pressure Gauge: This item is a must-have to make sure you get the correct amount of tire pressure back in your vehicle’s tire. We prefer a heavy-duty gauge with an integrated PSI pressure reading window.

Contact information of closest dealer: Your local Can-Am dealer will be a great place for any further repairs or needed parts. Make sure to research the closest dealer to where you will be riding. 

"Always exercise safety, use common-sense approach and follow the recommended procedures of the owner's manual at all times during the cleaning of your vehicle." 

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