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Mossberg Patriot Rifle Disassembly


There’s plenty of reasons to disassemble a gun; for example, cleaning, refinishing, redecorating, or even understanding the mechanics of how the gun works are common reasons.

However, taking apart a new gun can sometimes be challenging. We’re here to help you understand and disassemble the Mossberg Patriot Rifle.

Mossberg Patriot Rifle Assembled

First, we’ll start by triple checking that the firearm is unloaded. This is the first step for disassembly for any gun, and for this gun it can be checked by opening the bolt and also removing the mag to check it.

Mossberg Patriot Rifle unloaded

Step 1:
Remove the magazine.

Mossberg Patriot Rifle Remove Magazine


Step 2:
Remove the bolt. Open the bolt and pull it back; then there’s a button on the left side of the bolt—press this and the bolt will slide out with no problem. 

Mossberg Patriot Rifle removing bolt


Step 3:
Turn the gun over and you’ll see two screws on either side of the magazine spot that can be removed with an 5/32 size allen wrench. The shorter allen screw will fall from the front, and the longer screw will fall from the back. Remove the screws and the barrel and scope should lift out easily.

Mossberg Patriot Rifle removing barrel


Step 4:
Remove the plastic container for the magazine.

Mossberg Patriot Rifle removing plastic mag


And that’s it; you’re done. You’re now free to change out triggers, clean the gun, or anything else you need to do on the bolt-action rifle. 

Mossberg Patriot Rifle Disassembled






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