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Honor Defense Launches Mossy Oak OVERWATCH Pistols

Honor Defense NRA Mossy Oak Overwatch pistolsHonor Defense has introduced an all-new lineup of pistols in Mossy Oak OVERWATCH, the Official Camouflage Pattern of the NRA. The pistols are immediately available at dealers as well as online.

Honor Defense is known for its dedication to quality and performance. The company is staffed by security professionals and veterans, with all handguns assembled by veterans. All parts and materials are manufactured in America, making Honor Defense one of the few 100% USA handguns And Honor Defense backs their pistols with a Lifetime Warranty. Due to the modularity, there are 900 variations possible and consumers can design their own pistol online. This is the American dream personified in pistol form.

The latest pistol from Honor Defense offers a variety of features that make it ideal for concealed carriers. These single-stack polymer pistols are chambered in 9mm and made with those who carry for self-defense in mind. For example, its magazine release and slide catch are ambidextrous and the manual safety is ambidextrous-optional. Snag-free factory sights are designed for one-handed operation as requested by law enforcement. Custom serrations are integrated to facilitate press-checks. Other concealed carry friendly details include its being +P rated and designed for the ultimate in modularity. Three different grip sizes, two barrel lengths and two back straps ensure your custom pistol is perfect for you. The trigger has a 7.5-pound pull weight with a short re-set. Two magazines are available in 7 +1,  and 8 +1 configuration. No trigger pull is required for takedown. These latest pistols are available with Mossy Oak OVERWATCH patterned slides.

Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense, said “Honor Defense is thrilled to be part of the Mossy Oak family. Both Honor Defense and Mossy Oak were built and grown in America and we both believe in Second Amendment rights. The OVERWATCH pattern is well-suited to our 100-percent American-made handguns and our Lifetime Warranty. The best patterns should always be on the best American handguns.”

Mossy Oak, the Official Camo of Conservation, and the NRA recently joined forces to further advance hunting in the United States of America. In addition to the ongoing battle to preserve America’s hunting and outdoors heritage, Mossy Oak also proudly stands with the NRA as America’s foremost protector of the Second Amendment.

As part of a multi-year commitment, the NRA has designated Mossy Oak as its “Official Camouflage Partner.” The revolutionary design for the OVERWATCH pattern utilizes cutting-edge design technology and features the NRA logo embedded within the pattern, making it easy for NRA members to show their support and passion for their American right to keep and bear arms and the protection of America’s hunting, fishing, and outdoors heritage. 

MSRP varies by model. Honor Defense’s Mossy Oak OVERWATCH-patterned pistols can be viewed online at and at select dealers.

When consumers purchase an Honor Defense Pistol in Mossy Oak Overwatch, get special offers valued over $250 from top U.S. Brands plus $200 in coupons from those manufacturers.

Patriot Pack includes:

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