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The Official Camouflage Pattern of the NRA.

In a military unit, the position of Overwatch is one of great responsibility. Those assigned as Overwatch carry the task of always guarding the backs of their brothers and sisters in arms. The faith they have in their Overwatch gives them the confidence to always move forward.

For 147 years, the National Rifle Association has proudly stood Overwatch for all Americans in protection of our Second Amendment rights. It is only fitting that the NRA’s Official Camouflage Pattern be called Overwatch to honor the confidence all American firearms owners and hunters share knowing that the NRA will always have them covered.

This pattern represents a quantum leap in the technology of camouflage development. Overwatch is our first pattern developed entirely in a 3D modeling environment rendering unmatched detail and terrain features that are indistinguishable from reality. Overwatch colors were chosen to best amplify the incredible detail of the pattern as well as provide unparalleled concealment in a variety of settings. No matter where you are, Overwatch has you covered.

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