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Gear Drop: TriStar Viper Max Shotgun


Reliable, functional and hardworking, the Tristar Viper Max Shotgun is a 3 ½” gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun that allows you to shoot light target loads to heavy waterfowl loads utilizing a two piston system. The Viper Max comes with a light and heavy load piston. Use light load piston for 2 ¾” shells, for other rounds use heavy load piston. Secondary piston can be stored in forearm for easy retrieval. The Viper Max comes with 4 Beretta®/Benelli® Mobil Chokes (SK, IC, M, F) as well as over molded rubber grips on the stock and forearm for added comfort. This shotgun looks great in Mossy Oak Blades and bronze.

The action is gas operated semi-automatic. Bolt remains open after last round is fired. If magazine and chamber are both loaded, opening action will result in ejecting shell from chamber and cycling new shell from magazine into the chamber. If operator desires to unload the chamber only, press button near trigger guard (magazine cut-off) to lock lifter in place, shell will eject from chamber once opened and bolt will remain open.

The primary safety is located on the backside of the trigger guard. When engaged, the safety is designed to block the trigger, hammer lever and the hammer which makes the firing mechanism immobile.

Tubular magazine; bottom loading. Shot plug is included and comes installed. Shot plug is easily removable by unscrewing the magazine cap. Simply pull plug out and replace magazine cap.

Disassembly and cleaning instructions for the Tristar Viper Max is found here.

Tristar Viper Max assembled

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