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Tristar Viper Max Shotgun: How to Disassemble


It’s important to be able to take apart and clean your shotgun, and each gun operates differently. We’ve created a how-to video and article for those with a Tristar Viper Max Shotgun to learn how to take apart their shotgun and keep it just like new.

Tristar Viper Max Shotgun

Tools you’ll need will be a small screwdriver and a small hammer.

Step 1:
Make sure the gun is unloaded. Pull the action open and check the mag and the barrel.

Tristar viper max shotgun unloaded


Step 2:
Remove the magazine cap. Unscrew it and move it out of the way.

Tristar Viper Max Unscrew magazine


Step 3:
Remove the forearm. Slide it straight off the mag tube.

Tristar Viper Max removing forearm


Step 4:
Remove the barrel. First, you’ll need to close the action. Press the charging bolt, press the release button, and slide the barrel forward until it pops off.

Tristar Viper Max barrel removed


Step 5:
Find the piston sleeve and make sure to remove it.

Tristar Viper Max piston


Step 6:
Remove the charging handle. Grab the action bar sleeve, pull back halfway and hold on tight, then take your finger and move the bolt back and forth until the notch aligns with the charging handle. It will then pull right out. 

Tristar Viper Max charging handle


Step 7:
Slowly let down and slide the action bar off and grab the bolt. From there, you can take the action bars off the action bars sleeve. Take it off the notches.

Tristar Viper Max action bar


Step 8:
Slide the spring off the magazine tube. 

Tristar Viper Max removing spring


Step 9:
Remove the trigger guard assembly. Use a small hammer and a small screwdriver to get the pin started and pop it out. Be sure to keep track of the pin.

From there, press the bolt release button and pull the trigger guard assembly out. It hinges in the rear of the receiver. Pull forward and up.

Tristar Viper Max remove trigger guard

And there you have it—a fully disassembled shotgun ready for cleaning and basic maintenance.

See the image below for the complete set of parts you should have.

Check out more of our Gear Drop videos for tutorials. 

Tristar Viper Max disassembled






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