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Christmas Gifts for Hunters and Anglers!

If you're looking for a gift idea for your loved one that loves to hunt, fish, or just be outdoors, we've got a guide here that we're sure you can find something they'll be thrilled to open.

*This guide is constantly updating, check back frequently for more gift ideas!

Gift Ideas for Hunters

banner for hunters

Hunter Safety Systems Pro Harness

pro harness


Safety is crucial. Make sure your loved one stays safe while they're doing what they love with this effective and efficient harness system.

Carhartt Sweatshirt



Carhartt x Bottomland is a combo most of your loved ones are going to love--it's one of those no-brainer gifts.

Elevated Bottomland Ultra Hang On

hang on


If you're feeling extra generous and supportive of their love of hunting, this Bottomland hang on is a high quality tool in their arsenal. 

Frogg Togg XL Duffel



Help them stay organized this waterfowl season with this nice, big duffel that'll hold their clothes and a lot of their gear. 

Frogg Togg Bow Pack

bow pack


Specifically designed for the bow hunter, this bow pack makes their walk ins and out much easier and hands free. 

Moultrie Mobile Pro Cell Cam



Chances are, your loved one loves checking their cameras. Here's a really nice cell cam that won't break the bank that they'll love.

Stealth Cam Bottomland Cell Camera

cell camera

Sale $59.99

The Stealth Cam is another great option for cellular game cameras, and since this one is currently on sale, it's wallet friendly.

Drake Wader Bag

wader bag


Their waterfowl waders definitely need a designated place to live and ride home in; this waterfowl bag will help contain the wet waders in and out of the water.

Drake Shoulder Blind

blind bag


This shoulder bag is an excellent gift to your waterfowl hunter; it includes space for all their gear and the easy throw-over strap makes it efficient to and from the blind.

Bogs Waterproof Boots



These waterproof boots are going to be in heavy rotation for your loved one and make for a happy Christmas morning.

Mossy Oak Women's Sherpa Jacket



This women's jacket from Mossy Oak fits excellently, and the fabric is quiet and warm, making for a perfect hunting jacket.

Final Approach Bibs 



These bibs are made to keep your loved one warm and dry; they're waterproof, insulated, and windproof, and best of all, they're now on SALE at Rogers Sporting Goods while supplies last.

Mossy Oak Companions Bowman Coat



The Bowman coat from the Mossy Oak Companions line is high quality; it's made to wear both in and out of the woods. The jacket is truly nice enough looking to wear out but functional enough to wear in the deer woods.

Alps OutdoorZ Crossbow Pac

bow pack


This one is designed specifically for the crossbow hunter. Your loved one will be amazed at how much easier their walk in and out of the woods will be with this pack.

MOMarsh Dog Vest



We all treat our dogs like family; they deserve to be kept warm and safe out in the woods while they're hunting, too. This neoprene vest is highly adjustable to fit most dogs and keep body heat inside.

Lucky Duck Kennel Cover

kennel cover


Keep your dog warm and insulated with this Lucky Duck kennel cover; the pockets and zip sides make it convenient for storing dog gear and other waterfowl accessories.

DSG Women's Hunting Gear


Prices varies

DSG is a women operated company that makes clothes for outdoor women. They've nailed the right fit for female hunters and made their pieces both functional and good-looking.

11 Piece Field Dressing Kit



This catch-all kit for field dressing is a great gift for a new hunter or someone looking to improve their collection of gear.

Gift Ideas for Anglers

anglers gift ideas

Thermacell Kit Bundle



Keep mosquitos off your loved one when they're on the water. Once you start using a Thermacell, it's hard to go back. They're a life-saver, especially on the really good fishing ponds.

Mossy Oak Fishing Shorts



These fishing shorts are perfect for a summer day on the river, a pond, or even a Freeman boat 100 miles offshore. They're extra comfortable and dry quickly.

Alumacart All Terrain Fishing Wagon


fishing wagon


If you want to be a hero or even shop for yourself a bit this Christmas, the Bottomland fishing wagon from Alumacart is a great product for packing fishing gear out to the beach or the lake. 

Peregrine 5-Gallon Bucket Pack

5 gallon bucket


One bag that serves as a stool, bucket, tackle bag, and even a drink holder. This is a pretty great fishing accessory for your loved one.

Huk Bottomland Shorts



Huk is a great fishing clothing brand, and the new Bottomland shorts are extremely popular. 

Popticals Folding Fishing Sunglasses


Prices vary

The Popticals are famous for their ability to fold up and travel easily. They're now available in Mossy Oak camouflage patterns, which make them ideal for your loved one who loves to hunt and fish.

Outdoor Lifestyle Gifts

outdoor lifestyle gifts

Warstic Pickleball Paddle

pickle ball paddle


The pickleball craze is real. Here's a paddle he would be pretty proud to use on the court with you!

Beard Care Bundle



This beard care kit comes from a small Christian business couple that loves the outdoors. It would be one your loved one would be proud to support!

Tribe Kelley Mossy Oak Collection

women's camo

Price varies

The Tribe Kelley athleisure line is one that has made big waves in the country music and country living community, especially with the Mossy Oak collection that has almost sold out. Men and women's available.

Turtlebox Bottomland Speaker



These speakers are loud, waterproof, and fun. If you've seen one of these in person, you probably wanted it. 

1791 Gun Leather Bottomland Pistol Holsters



These holsters range in all different sizes for your needs.

CoverKing Bottomland Seat Covers


seat cover


Fix up their truck or car with some Bottomland seat covers that they'll love! 

Mossy Oak Heydudes



These are incredibly comfortable slip on shoes that the hunter in your life will love. They also come in youth sizes, as well.

American Fetcher Hats


Price varies

The American Fetcher hats are a great, easy option for your loved one that loves to hunt.

Stanley Travel Mug Twin Pack



Stanley mugs are well known for their quality; these in Mossy Oak camouflage are sure to be a go-to grab for early morning coffee in the woods or late afternoon hot chocolate in the deer stand with the kids.

Mossy Oak Companions Denim Dirt Shirt

denim shirt


Grab your loved one a shirt from Mossy Oak's revived outdoor lifestyle line, Companions. They're made from soft and durable material and made to feel like it's already an old favorite.

Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Kids

gift ideas for little outdoorsmen

Shakespeare Youth Rod

fishing pole


If your kid loves to go fishing, getting them their own rod will make them feel special. This easy-to-use push button will be a big hit.

Mossy Oak Dynacraft Kids' Ride On

ride on


Your kid will have fun feeling like a real hunter on the way to the woods on this ride on. Suitable for 18-mo to age 3.

Youth Sherpa Jacket



Upgrade your kids' hunting wardrobe with their own warm Bottomland jacket. 

Mossy Oak Toddler Tees



Mossy Oak offers several youth and toddler t-shirts that any outdoor-loving kid would be proud to wear.

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