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A Fisherman’s Christmas Gift Guide: Eight Gifts Your Friend Will Love

If you’ve got an angler in the family, then you may be thinking about what to get them for a holiday gift. How can you find them the perfect gift when they are the ones who are the experts in lines, flies, ties, and bobbers? 

If you need some guidance on what to get your fishermen family member or friend, here are some great gifts they’re sure to love.

fly fishing rod

1. Rollable Lure Holder

If you know an angler who likes to get out on the river, then they’ll appreciate this ingenious fly holder. Instead of a bulky streamer box, a roll-up fly holder cradles flies in an egg-carton-like inside layer, letting air through while still keeping them separated. They can tuck them into a drift boat compartment or in their pack. 

A much more modern take on an old standby, a roll-up fly carrier is undoubtedly something the angler in your life has never seen before and can appreciate.

2. Bottom Bouncers for Walleye



If you need a great stocking stuffer for the fisherman in your life, specifically the ones who like to go after walleye, you can’t do any better than a bottom bouncer. They’re useful, portable, and exciting to use.

Spinners and bottom bouncers are two powerful tools for the walleye hunter. One of the keys to a successful expedition is to know how much weight to use in how many feet of water. Some experts suggest using an ounce of lead for every 10 feet of water. However, a two-oz. bottom bouncer is a versatile choice for any fishing kit. 

3. Neoprene Gloves

When it’s freezing outside, they can’t get away with fingerless gloves, and thick woolen gloves don’t give them the agility they need for tying lines and threading hooks. Neoprene gloves are impervious to water and insulated from cold. 

If you have a friend who is fond of going high-stick nymphing in frosty weather, give them a pair of neoprene gloves. They could stick their hands into the icy water and not feel a thing. 

4. Soft Plastic Worms as Stocking Stuffers



Malleable rubber worms are versatile and, as every bass fisherperson knows, are the best way to hook bass in the summertime. Fat power worms or straight worms seven inches or longer are staples for summertime bass fishing. 

On almost any lake, a Texas Rig consistently will score some sizable hits from bass. With a weight and a hook, your angler friend can push the plastic worm all the way through, and then push it up the shank of the offset hook and poke the hook back through the body of the worm. 

Shaky Heads are other excellent options for warm-water bass fishing, especially the bigger ones. Most people think of small weights when you mention Shaky Heads, such as ⅛ oz. or ¼ oz., but, if they use a ½oz. Shaky Head, your friend will get excellent results on a summer lake. 

5. Fleece Mask with Ventilator

If you know an angler who likes to fish in all types of weather, they’ve probably had the experience of having their mask stuck to their cheeks from the heat of their breath. What they need is a new fleece mask with a built-in ventilator, in a striking color, depending on their style.

With a medical-grade ventilator built-in to the high-quality fleece, your friend will thank you now they no longer get their shades steamed up.

6. Hooks, Hooks and More Hooks

fishing hook

If you’ve got a buddy who’s on the water any chance they get, they can never have enough fishing hooks. Even if you don’t know their favorite hook, you can be sure to give them the perfect type if you give them an excellent selection at Christmas.

A straight shank hook has just one central unbroken shaft and is excellent for flipping shallow cover, but switching to a crooked shank may bring more success.  

When fishing close quarters, a crooked or offset hook is fantastic, especially rigged with a snell knot. It’s superb for flipping shallow, as well, especially with a swimbait or top-water frog; if throwing it with the latter, make sure the frog won’t get caught in the grass. 

The third type of hook you can throw into any fisherman’s holiday basket is a 4-5oz. off-set hook to can use with larger bait, like 10-inch worms or power hogs. An offset hook can help the fisherman in your family bag tons of bass this season.



7. Water Filtration Cup

By far, the most straightforward water filtration system on the market, a quality filtration cup is every fisherman’s essential piece of fishing equipment. No matter if they are pike fishing, drum fishing, or bass fishing, this cup system will be one of your buddy’s favorite gifts this holiday season. 

It works a little like a French Press coffee maker. They simply fill the main canister with lake or river water and plunge the filter through it, removing all impurities and toxins. There is no need for your friend to lug in jugs of water or rely on bulkier purification systems; a water-filtration cup is the perfect holiday gift for any outdoor lover in your life.  

8. A New Fly Rod



No fly-fisherman will turn down a St. Croix Imperial fly rod. Made exclusively in the United States, these beautifully crafted, high-quality rods are not just tools to catch fish, but  a family heirloom to be handed down to generations of future fishermen. 

The Final Word

The holiday season can be stressful, as many feel anxious about picking out the perfect gift. It’s challenging to choose gifts for those who are avid anglers. But, with a little research, you can find your fisherman friends the gift they never thought they needed.

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