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Mossy Oak's Fish Wars: Average Joes vs Fishing Pros


man catching a fish from a professional bass boat

Mossy Oak Fish Wars

The Mossy Oak fishing comedy show pits professional anglers, anglers like Kevin VanDam, Ott Defoe, and Brandon Lester, against your regular fishing joes. Oftentimes, the regular folks are our own employees, each feeling a little too confident about their bass fishing skills. 

We are reminded why the pro anglers are earning the big bucks and why we are sticking to local ponds! Watch all three seasons of the show ad-free on Mossy Oak GO.

Here's some of our favorite episodes of Fish Wars:

Greg Hackney on Mossy Oak Fish Wars

In this episode, Mossy Oak cameraman Jon Tatum takes on 3-time Bassmaster Series Elite champ Greg Hackney down in Louisiana. Tatum shows up with no shortage of trash talk ready for Hackney.

Jon Tatum takes Greg Hackney on one more time so try and salvage some of his pride from the last competition. Can he redeem himself or will Hackney continue on with his Fish Wars winning streak?


Mossy Oak's Rusty McDaniels is ready to prove his skill against Greg Hackney. Rusty has grown up fishing ponds and feels confident in his ability to find the big bass. 3-time Bassmaster Elite Series champ Greg Hackney might just be too good, though!

Ott Defoe on Mossy Oak Fish Wars

Bassmaster Classic champion Ott Defoe knows how to catch big fish. But Kentucky native Walt Gabbard is ready to go toe to toe with the pro angler on the Holston River. 

Ott Defoe, Bassmaster Classic Champ, takes on Ben Maki, an "average Joe" fisherman with an affinity for fly fishing. Maki vs Defoe on the Holston River is one of our most shocking episodes and not one to miss!


Bassmaster Classic Champ Ott Defoe takes on Mossy Oak's Neill Haas in one of the most productive episodes yet! There's not hardly a second that goes by without a bass or crappie on the line. Watch and enjoy!

Kevin VanDam on Mossy Oak Fish Wars

Legendary angler Kevin VanDam takes on Kentucky native and Mossy Oak producer Walt Gabbard for a day on the lake. Will VanDam go easy on Walt??

Time for the student to take on the master! Legendary angler Kevin VanDam competes against his son in a day of bass fishing. Is Nick a chip off the old block?

Brandon Lester on Mossy Oak Fish Wars

Quickly rising angler on the scene Brandon Lester takes on Shed--an overconfident "average Joe" angler. See how the competition shakes out on Pickwick Lake!

Right after this episode was filmed, Lester went on a crazy winning streak! Coincidence? We think not. Check out this episode of Mossy Oak's Jessi Cole vs the angler everyone's talking about, Brandon Lester.


New Season Out Soon!

A new season of Fish Wars is on the way, so keep an eye out at Mossy Oak GO for episodes to drop! 

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