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Brandon Lester’s Five Favorite Bass Lures for Fishing Tournaments

provided by John Phillips

Mossy Oak Fishing Pro Brandon Lester, 31 years old from Fayetteville, Tennessee, has fished 87 Bassmaster events and won $603,374. In 2018, he was the points champion and Angler of the Year and has 19 top-10 finishes on Bassmaster. To learn more about Lester, visit

Brandon Lester

If I could only take 5 lures to a tournament, here’s what they would be: 

1. I’d take a jig because there are so many different things you can do with a jig. You can flip it, you can swim it, and you can crawl it on the bottom over rocks or wood. 

2. My second lure of choice would be a shaky head with a straight-tail worm. This lure gets a lot of bites and is a finesse tactic. When fishing is tough, I most always can get a bite with this lure.

3. The third lure I like is a Z-Man Ned Rig - a mushroom-style jig head with a little 3-inch worm most often fished opened hook. I fish the Ned Rig on extremely light line. Since it catches big bass as well as little bass, the Ned Rig is a really good way to catch numbers of bass and a really big bass. The jighead I use has a No. 2/0 hook in it, and I like a green-pumpkin finesse worm. 

4. My fourth choice would be a Square Bill crankbait, because I can cover a lot of water with it. Too, it can help me locate actively feeding schools of bass. I can fish it around heavy cover and retrieve it through underwater trees. If I only can fish one color, I’ll choose some type of shad pattern, since there are shad present almost anywhere I fish. 

5. The number-five lure I’d select would be a 1/2-ounce spinner bait with double willow-leaf blades. If I only could pick one skirt color, I’d choose chartreuse and white. 

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