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2019 Bassmaster Classic Practice with Jordan Lee

Jordan Lee practice fishingDuring the three days of practice prior to the 2019 Bassmaster Classic on Fort Loudoun and Tellico lakes, I’ve eliminated a lot of water I won’t fish. These two lakes are a very big waterway with miles of water where we’re competing. I’m still searching for the region of water where I think I can win. Fort Loudoun has had a lot of local fishing pressure where we’ll be fishing the Classic. I haven’t really looked at Tellico yet, because I only spent two hours on that lake during practice days. But we have one more day of practice, and I plan to make that run over to Tellico to try to find a place where I can catch bass.

On Fort Loudoun, I got some bass bites at several different locations, but I didn’t get a lot of bass bites at any one place. I couldn’t find a consistent pattern I could use to win the Classic. The bass have been scattered on Fort Loudoun. I’ve caught more largemouths than I have smallmouths. 
Right now, my game plan is fish the last practice day at Tellico.  If I don’t find the pattern there I think I need, I guess I’ll keep chasing the bass on Fort Loudoun until I locate them. 

We’ve had every kind of weather change you can have when fishing with water levels changing and cold fronts moving in followed by a warm front the next day. Because of that unsettled weather, I don’t think the bass want to make that big jump from deep water to shallow water just yet. During the Classic, March 15-17, I’m planning to cover a lot of water with faster-moving baits. Once I get a bite, I’ll slow down my fishing and fish that area more thoroughly. I’ll primarily fish a spinner bait, a crankbait and a jig, until the bass tell me to use a different technique and/or a different lure.  

Although we have two, long stretches of river to fish during this Classic, these areas won’t fish like big sections of water generally do. Most of the contestants will also be fishing in the same sections of the lakes. 

To win, I know I’ll have to adjust my fishing throughout the three Classic competition days probably several times each day, depending on weather and water changes. I think the first day of the tournament someone will jump into the lead, but then that person will have to follow up with two good days of fishing. I feel that if someone can average catching 15 pounds of bass per day for a total of 45 pounds, they very well may win this Classic.  

I’m not thinking about losing the 2019 Bassmaster Classic. I’m concentrating on winning it.

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