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Jordan Lee's 2019 Bassmaster Classic Strategy

Jordan Lee Bassmaster Classic Strategy

Mossy Oak Fishing has five anglers competing in the 2019 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Dick's Sporting Goods. The Classic is in Knoxville, Tennessee, March 15-17. In these videos, you'll get some insight into Jordan Lee's strategy for the much anticipated bass fishing tournament.

Before you hit the water, you want to make sure your hooks are sharp and your baits are tuned how you like them. Everything must be prepared ahead of time to give you the best chance to win the Classic. 



The weather has been crazy lately. A lot of water has been dumped into the river. The conditions for bass fishing the Tennessee River could make the fish a little more predictable. Lee thinks it could play to his advantage.



Muddy water puts the fish shallow and you can really power fish them. Lee has had a lot of success fishing this method and shares what that set-up looks like for him. 



The Classic includes two lakes to fish from and it's easy to spread yourself out. Lee will concentrate his efforts on one area and hope that plan pays off for him. It's a big playing field, so he's planning to put all his eggs in one basket.



Lee's number one strategy is to not get spun out, to stay focused on getting that first bite and keep the ball rolling. He hopes to get out to a fast start. 



For the sake of time, Lee plans on staying in closer water to give him more casts. While there is the option to fish locations further away, Lee plans to wet his hook sooner rather than later. 



To check out more tournament fishing tips, Gerald Swindle lays out his days of preparation and strategy for the event starting two weeks prior. For a livestream of the weigh-ins, go to

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