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Mr. Fox’s Buck: Still After Them at 91 Years Young

Mr. Fox buck at 91


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Everyone at the Mossy Oak office’s favorite story of the 2021-2022 deer season was the story of Mr. Fox’s big buck kill. We wanted to share the story of the hunt with everyone who has followed along with Mr. Fox’s hunting seasons through the years.

Mr. Fox shooting at 91

Below is the story Mr. Toxey told about the hunt on the recent episode of Gamekeeper Podcast.

“It was his second time to go this year. He’s been struggling with having enough energy to go. We’ve had cameras out, checking them, and there’s a place with a lot of clover. Probably the best investment I’ve made on my property. The non-typical clover. We planted about 30 acres worth. It lasted all summer, exploded, and it is ridiculous how many deer are out there.

We had put a Redneck blind out by the clover specifically for Mr. Fox. My mom had a Ziploc of muffins and apple slices and water, a whole snack thing for him. He was all business. It was a warmer afternoon. We saw a big 7-point that I almost let him shoot, he wasn’t that old, but I was thinking ‘I don’t care what my dad shoots’, but he said ‘no, let’s wait.’ Then our big buck came out 300 yards away and he just started feeding closer and closer and closer until finally he was broadside about 125 yards away. Dad had his cap around backwards and he was all business. I was trying to say take your time, take your time, and then BOOM. You better have your fingers in your ear when you tell him it’s okay to shoot. Well then, the deer started walking off like he wasn’t hit. Then just all of a sudden, out of the blue, the deer took off like something stuck him with a cattle prod. Sure enough, we waited about 30 minutes and I went to go trail him and he was just laying right there.

I called my mom and let her know, called my wife and told her we’d be late. My mom had made 4 muffins for everyone and by the time I got back from looking for the deer, my dad had eaten all but 1 of the muffins! But it was a great day, warm temperatures, super comfortable. It was just one of those things—God smiling on him. The deer was a beautiful chocolate horned 5 or 6-year-old deer.”

Toxey Fox and Daniel Haas

Congratulations, Mr. Fox! Another successful deer season at 91 years old. We can’t wait to root you on during turkey season in just a few short months.

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