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Who is Fox Haas?

mr fox gives the camera a thumbs up

The Man Known as Mr. Fox

Born August 20, 1930, Fox Haas is an outdoors legend. We are honored to have learned so much from this wise and experienced outdoorsman. His passion for hunting, land stewardship and conservation is what initiated and established Haas Outdoors and its many enterprises. 

Fox Haas is the father of Mossy Oak founder Toxey Haas. He’s known as Mr. Fox to just about everybody except for the select few that get to call him Papaw.

He certainly supported Toxey in his vision of developing camouflage specific to hunting the bottomlands of Mississippi nearly 35 years ago. But that undervalues his contribution to not only his son’s success but the outdoors economy as a whole. 

It’s no incident that Mossy Oak’s original camo pattern, Bottomland, was developed to hide from turkeys. A wild turkey’s vision is quite hard to fool, but were it not for Mr. Fox’s efforts to conserve the dwindling, southern wild turkey populations in the 1970s, our turkey hunting traditions would be lost. He's been honored by NWTF for his conservation efforts and has been inducted into the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame.

You see, hunting is not a seasonal pursuit; hunting is constant and begins with the dirt. Mossy Oak GameKeepers was established in 2008 as an aspiration to what Mr. Fox lived – conservation, land stewardship, wildlife management for the betterment of the land, and the camaraderie that comes with outdoors pursuits.

The outdoors lifestyle is about more than pursuit of game. It is a full-orbed service of the creation for the prosperity of the creature – both man and beast. 

The Man Behind the Mr. Fox Shirt

Fox Haas turkey

Mr. Fox is the true representation of a GameKeeper. Considering his work with wild turkey conservation, the pursuit of this fastidious fowl, and his nurture of the natural in his son, the Mr. Fox t-shirt was designed and distributed to honor Mr. Fox and his foundational vision for the future of the outdoors.

Taking an old photo of Mr. Fox with a turkey trophy, the artist Slacker Tide made Fox the man into fox the animal in a unique display of the wild life. The design is representative of man, the hunt and the pattern that built the most diverse and far-reaching outdoors company that remains rooted in the love of the outdoors.

Shop Mr. Fox gear

The Mr. Fox shirt made its national debut on the stage of SNL on December 5, 2020 when country music artist Morgan Wallen and actor Jason Bateman wore their Mr. Fox shirt in a skit. Get your own piece of the outdoors legend that is Mr. Fox.

Mr. Fox turkey original photo Mr. Fox Slacker Tide Mr. Fox T-shirt Morgan Wallen Jason Bateman SNL Mr. Fox

Fox on Film

Conservation & Mossy Oak

Mr. Fox talks about conservation and what Mossy Oak means to him.



Fox's 70th Turkey Season

We're proud to present a special film - the story of Mr. Fox Haas' 70th turkey season!



Fox's 72nd Turkey Season

It's become the highlight of turkey season, guiding the guider. Every spring, in just one season, years of memories are made. Toxey, Neill and Daniel Haas give back to "Papaw," the one who fostered their passion for the outdoors, especially the wild turkey. Mr. Fox has his 72nd consecutive, successful turkey season.



Fox's Velvet Buck

The most special deer hunt of our 2018/2019 season - Mr. Fox Haas’s velvet buck is the feature of our latest “The Obsessed.” Mr. Fox nearly made it to the end of this season at 88 years old without a deer. Hunting in the late season during Mississippi's January end of the season, Mr. Fox connected on this buck hunting with his son Toxey and grandson Neill.



Fox's 75th Turkey Season

This year's turkey kill. Mr. Fox's hands were steady for just a moment--long enough to kill a turkey from a tree on a hunt with his son and grandsons.



From everyone at Mossy Oak, we just want to say thank you, Mr. Fox, for all the memories and life lessons you have taught us along the way.


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