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NWTF Foundation Awards Mr. Fox Haas and Toxey Haas with Conservation Award


Pictured: Toxey Haas and his two sons, Daniel and Neill Haas

At the 2022 annual National Wild Turkey Federation Convention, Chief Gamekeeper Mr. Fox Haas and Mossy Oak Founder Toxey Haas were both awarded with the NWTF Foundation Conservation Award at the Conservation AID benefit concert at the Grand Ole Opry.

Heath Davis, Chairman of the NWTF Foundation Board, says that the award is for people who have left a footprint in conservation for others to follow.

He says, "In the past few years, I've seen the love Mr. Fox has for the outdoors, for hunting, and for conservation, and I knew this was an award well due. And Toxey is now doing the same thing. He's walking in the same path as his dad."

Davis continues, "Leaving things better than we found them is the most important thing we can do for conservation. The efforts that Mr. Fox and Toxey have taught others will last forever. Those efforts, no matter if it's taking someone hunting, or planting food plots and trees, will continue for generations. I am glad that we could honor them so that others could follow."

Mossy Oak continues to value conservation, as seen primarily through the work of Mossy Oak Gamekeepers and Nativ Nurseries, as well as through grants and the National Day of Conservation program.

We are proud of the work Mr. Fox and Toxey Haas have done to aid in conservation and in leaving the woods better than they've found it.


Pictured: Toxey Haas accepting the awards on behalf of Mr. Fox Haas from Heath Davis, Chairman of the NWTF Foundation Board

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