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Mossy Oak BioLogic’s Jordan Lasuzzo Explains DEER-RADISH


Editor’s Note: Jordan Lasuzzo is the sales manager for Mossy Oak BioLogic’s wildlife habitat products.

LaSuzzo2_llThe first question most people ask when they hear about Mossy Oak BioLogic’s new product DEER-RADISH is, “Why would deer like radishes?” Lasuzzo explains, “DEER-RADISH is a fall planting with two varieties of radishes in it. BioLogic always has been known for a blend of brassicas that produces tons of forage for deer and food for the late season. We knew radishes were in the brassica family, and we found that deer would start feeding on these radishes much sooner than on other wildlife plantings. We also discovered that the deer not only fed on the tops of the radishes but also would eat the bulbs all year long. Because radishes also send roots deep into the soil, they are able to bring-up nutrients that other wildlife plantings may not produce. By the time deer season is over, and the deer have dug-up and eaten the radishes, the field will look like you’ve run a rotor tiller through it. In some regions of the country, you can plant these radishes as early as late July. In the South, you’ll want to plant the radishes around the end of August or the first of September. DEER-RADISH comes in a 2-pound bag that will cover 1/4-acre.”  

I like watermelon. Actually I love watermelon, but I don’t to eat watermelon all day every day. I like a variety of different foods. Deer are browsers too. They don’t just eat clover, blackberry vines and green grasses. They enjoy different types of food to eat each day. So, one of the most-effective types of green fields you can plant is a green field with several kinds of Mossy Oak BioLogic planted in it. By planting perennial plants and seasonal plants, the deer always have some good, nutritious food available. Regardless of what type of green field planting you’re preparing for this fall, consider planting DEER-RADISH in a portion of your green field.

For more information about Mossy Oak BioLogic and DEER-RADISH, click here.

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