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Mossy Oak BioLogic’s Jordan Lasuzzo Recommends FULL POTENTIAL for Trophy Bucks and Healthy Does


Editor’s Note: Jordan Lasuzzo is the sales manager for Mossy Oak BioLogic’s wildlife habitat products.

LaSuzzo3_llFor a deer to reach its FULL POTENTIAL, it has to have an abundance of highly-nutritious food and minerals. This year, Mossy Oak BioLogic is introducing FULL POTENTIAL, a 4-pound bag of minerals to work into the soil. Jordan Lasuzzo explains, “Deer will utilize minerals during the summer months more than at any other time of the year. With all the cold weather the country has experienced this spring, you still can put out minerals, especially on the edges of green field plantings. Mineral licks also are a great place to do trail-camera surveys of your deer herd. Because the minerals attract deer during the summer months, you can watch the antler growth of your bucks on your trail cameras. Too, you can learn what your fawn crop looks like and get a good idea of your buck/doe ratio for the upcoming season.”

Initially, hunters put out mineral licks hoping to increase antler development and produce healthier deer. However, because of the expanded use of trail cameras, many land managers, hunting-club members and sportsmen who hunt public lands have learned that by putting-out trail cameras, especially in the late spring and summer when the buck’s antlers are beginning to develop, they can determine the bucks they want to hunt and the ones they want to leave until next year. More and more hunters are developing hit lists for the deer on their properties. Key components of taking bigger bucks include providing more food and nutrition in the form of minerals and also allowing the deer to survive to the older-age classes. Then their body weights and their antlers can reach their full potential. 

For more information about Mossy Oak BioLogic and FULL POTENTIAL, click here.

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