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Where to Put Mineral Sites for Deer

The Best Time to Put Out Minerals for Deer

Minerals play an important role in managing and growing whitetails. Minerals like BioRock or Full Draw Block are always beneficial for deer, but the most activity around minerals is in late winter through  the beginning spring when deer are trying to put on weight and recover from the winter. Late summer is also a great time for minerals as the bucks are finishing out their racks. It’s best to keep your mineral sites stocked from about February through July. 



Where to Put a Mineral Site

It’s best to put your minerals out near bedding and feeding areas, locations where the deer will find and use it. Keep your mineral site in the same place year after year, because the deer will learn where that spot is and keep using it. Keep it off the beaten path as not to interfere with vehicles, and make sure there is a tree close by. Mineral sites are a great place to get pictures of the deer on your property.



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