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How to Hide a Green Field with Mossy Oak’s Jordan Lasuzzo

Editor’s Note: Jordan Lasuzzo is the sales manager for Mossy Oak BioLogic’s wildlife habitat products.

With May here, many land managers in the South already have their summer crops for wildlife planted or will be planting their summer crops within a few weeks. According to Jordan Lasuzzo, “Mossy Oak BioLogic is introducing a new product called BLIND SPOT that has several applications. If you have a place where you want to put a ground blind or a duck blind, a BLIND SPOT will grow 8-10 feet tall, will be relatively thick and have seed heads to feed birds. Deer also will bed in it. 

LaSuzzo1_ll“Another really-good use for this product is to provide a cover crop to keep passers-by from seeing deer in your green field. Many land managers have to plant green fields close to county roads and public highways, and there always is a concern about passer-bys during the day and after dark being tempted by the deer they see feeding on those green fields. Another advantage to BLIND SPOT is that if you plant an extremely-large green field, you can plant some BLIND SPOT in the middle of that field and create a place to hide in or to set-up a ground blind. We also know that corners of fields are great places for hunters to go into or come out of a field. These corners often butt-up against pine forests, where the hunter may be exposed if he tries to hunt. However, if you plant BLIND SPOT, you can cut a trail leading into the BLIND SPOT and then create shooting ports through which to shoot. The big advantage to BLIND SPOT is it’s a planting that deer can see growing, and they’ll pass by it every day. It’s not some type of construction that’s new to their environment. 

“BLIND SPOT also is a great product to use for waterfowling, especially in flooded-timber areas, because it creates a natural blind you can hunt from during duck season. If you’re hunting ducks and geese on large grain fields, then any place where a farmer has to leave areas like drainage ditches, creeks or ditch edges will be productive places to plant BLIND SPOT for waterfowling. When you want a natural-looking blind for waterfowling, deer hunting, or even turkey hunting or if you want a cover crop to plant on the edges of your green fields to block peering eyes, then you’re looking for a product like BLIND SPOT. This is just another step Mossy Oak has taken to help all of us to become effective hunters and land managers.”

To learn more about Mossy Oak BioLogic and BLIND SPOT, click here

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