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Drury Outdoors DeerCast Tracker App Updates

Drury Deercast

Deer hunting and the way hunters pursue deer has radically changed over the last 30 years. Technology has led to the introduction of trail cameras, hour-by-hour on-demand weather forecasts and now, smart hunting apps.

A particular smart hunting app provides over 70 years of combined professional whitetail hunting experience from two of the most effective deer hunters the outdoor industry has ever seen. That app is DeerCast and it was designed by the founders of Drury Outdoors, brothers Mark and Terry Drury. The Drury duo launched their highly-popular brand in 1989 and became a commonly known name in any hunter’s household. DeerCast offers users in-the-field algorithms that forecast the measure of how likely deer are to move. The provided forecasts broken down to the hour.

The introduction of the DeerCast app isn’t entirely new. The app was introduced in August of 2018. However, there are several all-new major updates to the original free offering that launches it into an entirely new dimension of value. When utilized, the updates will serve as a vital tool in helping hunters immediately and rapidly advance in their effectiveness. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have some of the greatest whitetail hunters of all time in their back pocket (literally)? The app takes the proven theories Mark and Terry have comprised over their entire careers and embeds all of that information into your phone and now, your computer, too.

Here are the new features to DeerCast and what you need to know about them.

Before I dive into the features, it will help to know that DeerCast is now offered in three different levels: DeerCast, DC Pro and DC Elite

Deercast pricing


Your ability to pick the best days to take your vacation to the whitetail woods is now taken to a whole new level with the latest updates to the Forecast feature of DeerCast. What was originally a 5-Day forecast is now enhanced with the options of one-day (DeerCast), five-day (DC Pro), and ten-day (DC Elite) forecasts.

Deercast 10-day forecast

The forecasts are always going to be revealed in real-time as the DeerCast app is always being updated with the latest weather data feeding its proprietary algorithms.

DeerCast Track

One of the more innovative features of DeerCast is DeerCast Track.  DeerCast Track allows hunters to tap into the 70 years of hunting experience offered by Mark and Terry, along with legendary whitetail deer hunting guide, Bobby Culbertson of Tara Wildlife, and legendary deer tracker, John "Tracker John" Engelken. 

DeerCast Track offers hunters the ability to analyze their shot placement by placing a cursor exactly where they think they hit their deer on a deer model provided within the app.

Deercast Track

Once the cursor is placed where the hunter assumes the arrow/bullet hit, a series of videos will generate below the hit simulator.  The videos are designed to breakdown the variables that come into play with respect to the provided hit location.  The variables may include but are not limited to: shot placement, penetration, angle, how long it may take for that animal to expire, what type of blood trail is presented, etc.

DeerCast Track is only available with DeerCast Elite.

DeerCast Custom

Deer behavior varies across many different properties and regions.  What may ignite deer movement for hunters in Missouri, may only reveal trickling movement for hunters in South Texas.  DeerCast Custom allows app users to tailor the app to their property and deer.  The Custom feature combines the science of DeerCast with the local experience of the app user.

DeerCast Library

Another great feature of DeerCast is DeerCast Library.  The Drury duo has been producing hunting videos since the company's 1989 inception.  The Library is available in DC Pro and DC Elite.  Access to the library offers over 115 Drury titles and over 215 hours of binge-worthy entertainment.

DeerCast Now

Did the latest cold front get the big bucks on their feet?  Has the rut kicked in where you live?  Answers to questions like these will reside in the realtime feature, DeerCast Now.  DeerCast Now will provide viewers with behind-the-scenes reports directly from the field in a nearly live fashion.  These reports will show viewers kills shots from deer taken that exact day and they will expand on what led hunters to the harvest.  DeerCast Now is available in DC Pro and DC Elite.

Deercast Now

The Drurys have expanded access to their revolutionary new app to laptops, desktops, and tablets with  Now, users can access DeerCast through any device with an internet connection.  Whether you're planning your vacation from work, or want to stream the massive video library, you now have the ability to use any of the great features DeerCast offers from any device.

To take your hunting knowledge to the next level, visit your phone's app store or go to and download DeerCast before your next hunt.

Deercast update

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