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A Professional Bass Fisherman Does More Than Fish

with Bill Lowen  

Many of us believe that all that professional bass anglers do is fish, win money and go fish some more. However, at least 50% - if not more of a professional bass fisherman’s time - often is spent working for his sponsors.

Bill Lowen

I feel like I work for my sponsors every single day, no matter where I am, or what I’m doing. When I’m traveling and pulling my boat, I’m a rolling billboard for all my sponsors. When my sponsors ask me to work at a sports show or put in a public appearance, I never say no. That’s part of what I get paid to do. I do appearances and promote my sponsors’ products in-between events, and then during January and February each year are typically the months when I do the most shows for my sponsors. 

I actually work about 25 shows a year that may last from one day – a week long. Each tournament I attend is about a week long also. I work with the press and my sponsors at each of the tournaments. So, there’s much more work that goes on behind the scenes of professional bass fishing than there is in front of  a camera or fishing a tournament. 

I enjoy working with my sponsors almost as much as I enjoy fishing. I love the fishing industry, I love what I’m able to do as a professional angler, and I love my sponsors who enable me and my family to live this lifestyle.

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