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Drury Outdoors, Mossy Oak, ScentLok Technologies and Blocker Outdoors Announce New Partnership

From the earlier days of VHS videos to various popular television shows to their new innovative platform DeerCast, Drury Outdoors has been wearing Mossy Oak patterns since 1989. Mossy Oak is proud to share that the Mossy Oak/Drury Outdoors partnership will continue with their exciting new partnership with Nexus Outdoors, the makers of ScentLok Technologies and Blocker Outdoors.

Drury Outdoors Mossy Oak Nexus partnership

Both Drury Outdoors and Nexus Outdoors have been valued partners of the Mossy Oak family. As part of the new partnership between ScentLok Technologies, Blocker Outdoors, and Drury Outdoors, Mark, Terry, and the entire Drury Outdoors team will be wearing ScentLok and Blocker Outdoors while producing industry-leading content for their television shows and DeerCast platforms. As the legacies of all three companies and their new partnership continue, Mossy Oak is proud to say that the Drury team will be sporting Original Bottomland, Country DNA, and Elements Terra Gila patterns on innovative designs from ScentLok and Blocker Outdoors.

“When Mark and Terry Drury founded Drury Outdoors in 1989, they aimed to provide hunters with knowledge and entertainment from their experiences to help others on their hunting adventures. The Drury’s and Mossy Oak’s aim is the same,” said Chris Paradise, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales Officer of Mossy Oak. “There’s no doubt that our partnership over the past 30-plus years has helped hunters live their best lives outdoors with information and entertainment to aid them in their pursuits. Now, to outfit their team with innovative gear from ScentLok and Blocker Outdoors in Mossy Oak patterns gives three long-standing companies in the outdoors space even greater impact.”

Drury Outdoors and Mossy Oak have each become a major influence in hunter recruitment, education and outdoors entertainment over the past three decades. At the same time, ScentLok Technologies and Blocker Outdoors have been hunting industry pioneers leading in designing and manufacturing a wide range of highly-effective hunting. 

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