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What Happened to My Beans?


Over browsed young plants is probably the biggest problem encountered when planting food plots during the spring and summer. Peas, soybeans, lablab, and other warm season legumes are highly attractive to deer and are often over browsed soon after germination. This usually occurs when there are a few too many mouths to feed or there is not enough acreage devoted to plots. When plants this young get bitten off at ground level it usually kills the plant. So what is a guy to do? In situations where there may be a few too many deer or not enough other acreage in food plots, you have to protect these warm season plantings until they have enough growth to take the browse pressure. The P2 Plot Protector kit does just that.

The P2 Plot Protector kit comes with a roll of tape that will go around 1 acre of ground and enough liquid to spray the tape 3 times. This will give your plot 60-90 days of protection. The tape is designed to hold the pungent aroma from the liquid you spray and keep deer off the plot until you decide it has enough growth to keep up with the browsing. The P2 kit can also be used to protect a certain area of a food plot around a favorite treestand in the fall. A week or so before you are ready to hunt it, you can pull up the tape and have a buffet waiting for the deer directly under your tree.

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