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Hmmm…What’s It Going To Be This Year?

5-1 Hmmm
The most asked question that a habitat consultant receives is “what should I plant?” There isn't any one, single blend that will attract whitetails all season long, supply what you need for optimum health and antler growth, hold whitetails on your property, or whatever your food plot related goal. It depends on your management goals as to what would be the best things to plant. Since different crops become palatable at different times and all plantings yield different amounts of food, variety can be a key. How much acreage you’re devoting also makes a difference. Use some of THESE IDEAS to help you decide what to plant.

Some think perennials are easier because you only need to plant them once. Actually, if you want your perennials to do well they require more work and “tractor time” than planting annuals each year. One should really look at it from the point of their whitetail herd and what they’re trying to accomplish and then plant towards that. Some annuals can be the most attractive offerings that we have for hunting time and annuals can also be great at other things. Use THIS INFORMATION to help you choose the right annuals for the job.

Burn Baby, Burn -- Stimulating Plant Regeneration
Spring is usually the perfect time to do prescribed burns. Often referred to as a “controlled burn” or “reduction burning,” it is a practice used in forest management, crop rotation, or prairie restoration. Fire is an essential part of many wild ecosystems. It will reduce plant residue build-up so as to prevent catastrophic fires in the future, and can be vital for the regeneration of many plant species. Fires generate a period of resurrection and

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