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Utah’s Lynn Worwood Makes Turkey Hunting Memories


Some of the most memorable turkey hunts I've ever been have been the hunts where I’ve taken my children and grandchildren. There's just something extra special about introducing a family member to turkey hunting, and being there when they harvest their first gobbler. So far, I've been on hunts with all three of my sons when they’ve taken their first turkeys. I've been on hunts with both my daughters when they’ve taken their first turkeys, and two of my grandsons. I always will have those memories, and they always will have those memories of turkey hunts with their dad or granddad. My children in descending order of age are Marcy, Mike, Kyle, Kevin and Kimberly. I've got nine grandchildren, and three of them are old enough to hunt now. 

Worwood_day4When my middle son, Kyle, was 11, he drew a conservation tag to hunt turkeys. We told Kyle that he couldn’t shoot until we told him too. He passed up 20 gobblers that morning that were within gun range, because we were making him wait for a really-big gobbler. Finally, Kyle was getting aggravated about not being able to shoot a turkey. He was sitting in my lap trying to hold that 12 gauge shotgun up. We finally let Kyle squeeze the trigger, when a gobbler with a 9-1/2-inch beard came within 14 yards of him. I still can remember now how excited he was, because he had finally shot a turkey. Kyle has taken three gobblers, and I've been with him every time he’s been successful. Two of my sons have killed three turkeys each, and my other son has killed five or six. Both of my daughters have taken one or two turkeys. The bird my wife took this season was her second turkey. By taking family and friends, I get to hunt 15 or 20 days during Utah’s turkey season. 

Two years ago I took my 6-year-old grandson, Waylon, turkey hunting, and we called in four jakes that morning. Then we called in a 2-year-old gobbler, and that afternoon I called in a longbeard. I took that bird at 10 yards, and Waylon was sitting right beside me. When we got home, he went in and told his mother, “Granddad shot that turkey, and the turkey lay down on the ground and flopped like turkeys do when they get shot.” That’s another one of those hunts you never forget. 

So, if you want to call in four or five turkeys to the gun in a one-turkey state, take somebody with you, and you can enjoy the hunt just like they do. By taking other people, I've learned that I can hunt more, see more successful hunts and build more memories each turkey season than the sportsman who goes out and takes his one turkey and goes home. 

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