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Ballad of a Turkey Hunter: Bottomland Book Club

Jason Worley

Ballad of a Turkey Hunter book

“Ballad of a Turkey Hunter” is a recent release from the founder of Spring Legion, Hunter Farrior of Mississippi. If you’re a turkey hunter that studies this grand thing called turkey hunting, even in the slightest, you will be aware of the rich history that the state of Mississippi carries when it comes to the pursuit of this bird. Farrior pays homage to that history through this well-written and well-timed book.

From the dedication to the very last page, you will quickly realize that this book is about setting a standard we all should strive to uphold. It's really more of a revitalization of an old-school mindset, and it couldn't come at a better time. With the advent of social media and the do-anything-to-be-seen mentality, this book is a breath of fresh air and a much-needed presentation on the respect we should show the bird and its pursuit.

Farrior’s descriptive writing style makes this book much more than just another work on the amazing sport of turkey hunting. His description of those nefarious types that strive to corrupt our sport is a fine example of his ability with words:   

"Unfortunately, these are typically the ones who already know it all, display their results as exposure without substance, and will brag about every single bird that they have killed until they can assure that you, too, will not lose count of the tally marks engraved onto the stocks of their shotguns."

The Largest Wild Turkey Poaching Arrest in History

Don't be fooled, though; this book is much more than just words of warning. You'll find chapters that teach tactics through well-told stories and humorous incidents. In just a shade over 100 pages, you will find yourself sitting down and reading it from cover to cover and wishing there was more. My hope is that we will see more from author Hunter Farrior.

The final chapter brings everything together as Farrior pens a dedication to his father. It's a chapter that many will be able to relate to. We, as hunters, are a product of those that introduced us to the outdoors, and for many, that introduction came from their father. I have to say, Farrior's father did a fine job. If you are in search of a book that you can carry into the woods and pull out as a celebration to a successful hunt, look no further. The writing style alone is timeless, and the message is one to pass on to the next generation. You can find the book at (Grab a Bottomland cap while you're at it.)

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