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True Companions: Bottomland Book Club

true companions book

Troy Basso

In today's world of ebooks and books written with Artificial intelligence, the literary world has become very diluted. Yet with all the technology, occasionally, a true piece of outdoor literary art rises above all the tech. This book did exactly that and much more.

True Companions is a look into the world of bird dogs, both in the field and at home. It explores the emotions that these wonderful creatures elicit from their human counterparts. Mr. Madson introduces us to his bird hunting partners, both two and four legged as he provides the reader with a glimpse into a life with bird dogs.

You get to meet the young guns and old veterans alike. He speaks of his dogs like most people speak of their human children. His portrayal of upland hunting, dogs, and people is both mentally stimulating and will evoke emotions that all bird dog owners can grasp. As you read through the book you find yourself feeling happy, sad, crushed, and oddly at peace with it all.

I read the book a couple times in a week and my favorites were the chapters on the Model 21 and cranberry chocolate chip bread. The book is written in a style that flows well, is pleasant to read, and is absolutely captivating. It is by far the best upland read, that's not about telling you HOW to do something, in the previous decade. The book is available at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

bottomland book club

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