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All the Time in the World: Bottomland Book Club

Troy Basso

After finishing the latest John Gierach Book "All the Time in the World," I immediately grabbed a 5-weight and went trout fishing. John has a way of transporting us through all the bullcrap so often associated with fly fishing. He has no ulterior motives to promote sponsors or be hip and cool. He writes to a fly fisherman's soul by telling us stories about fishing, without telling us how to fish.

When I told a friend that I was doing a review on this book, his comment was that 'John had written the same great book a dozen times.' I thought about that for a while, and ultimately, I had to disagree. Every Gierach book has a cast of characters and unique stories that captivate his readers. His writings give me mental images of people. places, and, most importantly, dogs.

The book opens on a Michigan dock, pondering the cost of fly fishing. From that point, the reader takes a trip to a not so "prettied up" town in Alaska. Throughout the book, we go on a series of adventures both near and far with John and his group of friends, guides, and even Moose the fishing Labrador. And somehow John is able to make the reader ponder some environmental issues without actually talking about environmental issues. 

These books, especially this one, are a must have in every angler's book collection. My collection of John Gierach books are all on a shelf above both Hemmingway and Tom McGuane.

all the time in the world

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