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One Season: Bottomland Book Club

Jason Worley

Fictional books are usually not the first thing that come to the minds of most turkey hunters when they’re searching for a good read to get them through the off season. Most of us hope to find a written piece that will teach us a new trick to fool a gobbler or a good story about the work it took to finally bring down a wise old limbhanger. The number of books out there on how to hunt this bird are endless and the number of dramatic turkey hunts, told through the words of the hunter involved, are also not in short supply. Unfortunately, those fictional books that I mention are hard to come by.

One Season book

“One Season,” by Alan White is one of those few fictional pieces that every member of the turkey hunting world will enjoy setting down to. Set in the late 1960s, it is the story of a widowed grandfather who’s lived a good life but has reached a point in life that seems to have little meaning. His grandson, who lives in the city and is facing his own issues with finding his way, comes to spend spring break with his grandfather and the visit happens to coincide with spring turkey season. Through the pursuit of spring gobblers, the grandfather and grandson reconnect to themselves and each other.

Classic Turkey Literature: The Old Pro Turkey Hunter

You will find life lessons dealing with loss and growth within the pages of this book. With each trial, the art of turkey hunting is sprinkled into the story, and you will find yourself in one way or another connecting to the young boy or the grandfather. If you happen to be a turkey hunter who knows a youngster who is dealing with loss in their life, I can’t think of a better way to help them along with the issues they may be sorting out than to have them read this book. Even an old sage who has reached a point in their life where they seem to have lost their enjoyment of living will benefit from reading this fine piece from Alan White. I can’t promise you won’t shed a tear, but I can promise you will be better off for reading it.

Thankfully, the book is easily found and affordable. You can find it on Amazon.

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