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Josh Thompson Can't Think of Anything He'd Rather Do Than Sing and Hunt


Editor’s Note: Thirty-six-year-old Josh Thompson has been in Nashville, Tennessee, for about 10 years and has been burning up the highway for the past 6 years, performing his country and western songs all over the nation. Thompson sings country and western music and writes songs for himself and other artists. His goal is to make enough money and also have enough time to go hunting. Thompson says, “I've been hunting all my life, and I'm so proud to be a part of the Mossy Oak Pro Staff.” 

I decided to become a part of the Mossy Oak family, because those folks are fun to be around, and they have a strong sense of conservation - protecting and preaching conservation. I like the idea about hunting being a passion. That’s the way I feel about hunting. Too, I'm very passionate about being with outdoor people, promoting conservation and enjoying all the benefits that are hard to define about the outdoor lifestyle. But if you're an outdoor person, you understand what I mean.  

JoshThompson4_llI'm often asked, “Josh, what’s being a country music artist on the road 200 days per year and living out of a bus really like?” Well, just like any other job, you get tired sometimes, you get weary, and you'd like to take a break. However, if you know the old saying, “If you’re doing what you really enjoy, you won’t work a day in your life,” that’s me. But my spin on that is, “If you're doing what you really like, even when it gets tiring, you still don’t know anything else you'd enjoy more than what you're doing for a living.” When you enjoy your work, part of that satisfaction comes from knowing that there’s nothing else you'd like to be doing for an occupation. You always can look back on something that’s happened during your career that really, really has made you feel good. I know that first time I had a sold-out show at Joe’s Bar in Chicago was one of the most exciting times in my life. Another exciting time was the first time I played the Grand Ole Opry on September 19, 2009. This was a dream come true. 

People ask me, “Josh, what do you see in your future?” I want to continue to try and write the kind of music that people listen to at 5:30 am, while they’re going to work, and they want to get their minds off their jobs before they get there. I want to write the kind of music that working folks can relate to, know it’s real, and that it comes from the heart. I'm looking forward to spending time with my band on the road. Right now, we’re headlining a lot of shows. This past winter and spring, we did a 56-day tour with Justin Moore and Randy Houser. Also, I really hope I’ll get to spend more time with the folks at Mossy Oak out in the field and going hunting.

To learn about me and my music got to There you can also see when I’ll be in your area. I’d love to meet you. 

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