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Who Is Lisa Thompson and How Did She Become an Avid Elk Hunter


Editor’s Note: Mossy Oak Pro Lisa Thompson of Littleton, Colorado, who’s married to her hunter husband Keith and has twin daughters, is one of the most-knowledgeable and physical elk hunters you'll ever meet. She’s also a mom, a business woman, a basketball player and an expert woodswoman. A member of Cabela’s and Nock On, that produces lighted nocks for arrows, pro staffs, Thompson’s successful at taking big bulls on public lands. If you'll apply the tips and tactics she suggests this week, you’ll have a much-greater chance of filling your elk tag on public lands this fall instead of returning home with an elk tag in your pocket. Mossy Oak Pro Lisa Thompson of Littleton, Col., has been hunting elk for 40 years, since she grew up in a hunting family in Montana with her grandmother, grandfather, dad, mom, uncles and aunts all hunting elk. Lisa didn’t know what life would be like if she wasn’t fishing and hunting - especially hunting elk. When her father got transferred for work in 1981, the family moved to Colorado. Then after high school, Lisa went to the University of Wyoming and played basketball as a point guard on a full-ride scholarship, starting all 4 years. She graduated college with a degree in elementary education.

thompson-day3-2Currently, I’m a marketing and sales representative for a hunting company called HuntData This company creates unit maps for each of Colorado’s hunting units and the software that allows hunters to take advantage of these maps. For instance, if you came to Colorado to hunt elk and you were going to hunt Unit 15, we could provide you with a waterproof map of that unit. Currently, we do Colorado, Arizona and Wyoming. In the future, we plan to have maps of all the hunting units in the United States

I met Donnelle Johnson 20-years ago while I was hunting elk in the same unit with her. We both had gone to a restaurant to eat. Since we were the only two lady hunters in the restaurant, we struck up a conversation and became friends. She’s been my hunting partner ever since. Donnelle and I both are raising children. So, we go hunting together when our husbands can take care of the children. Then when our husbands go hunting, we take care of the children. I have two children, Kassidi and Kelli. My husband, Keith, hunts with his partner, and Donnelle’s husband, Dave, has a different hunting partner. When Donnelle and Dave started in the map business, I helped them in marketing and sales. Then, they hired me.

I’ve been a Mossy Oak Pro for 5 years and like Mossy Oak Break-Up, because it blends in so well with the terrain I hunt. Not only do I wear Mossy Oak I have the Mossy Oak pattern on different parts of my truck.

Mossy Oak Pro Lisa Thompson Tells How to Take Bull Elk on Colorado’s Public Lands

Mossy Oak’s Lisa Thompson Explains Why She Cow Talks and Doesn’t Bugle for Bull Elk

Timing is everything. When should you be planting your food plots?
When we talk about planting tips for the hunting season, it is important to point out that there can be significant differences in the timing for where you might live compared to other gamekeepers. For example the guy or gal who lives in northern Minnesota will have a 45-60 day difference in the time of year when they would plant their food plots for the hunting season compared to someone planting in southern Mississippi.

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