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A Bigger and Better Outdoors Life

Ashlee Lundvall Helps More People Get into the Outdoors 


Ashlee Lundvall of Cody, Wyoming, is one of the newest members of the Mossy Oak Pro Staff. 

Instead of being a specialist in one type of hunting or shooting, I represent and speak to the more than 50 million hunters in America who have some form of disability. If you live long enough, more than likely you'll be counted in this group. I'm the liaison for Mossy Oak to all the people with disabilities. I do a lot of speaking, writing and product evaluation for people with disabilities.

Many in the community of people with disabilities don’t need any type of adaptive equipment to hunt and fish. However, we’re seeing a trend of more outdoor companies making more adaptive equipment for people with disabilities. We plan to do some TV shows with Mossy Oak and other people who have disabilities. I hope to be able to help the outdoor industry in product development for people with disabilities and help companies learn avenues to reach out to this tremendous group of people who hunt, fish and camp in the outdoors. People with disabilities are consumer based; they buy outdoor products; and they wear Mossy Oak camouflage. They love and have a passion for all that is outdoors. 

Lundvall_day1Because we realize that some individuals are limited in their abilities to participate in outdoor activities, either financially or physically, I'm now a spokesperson for the Outdoor Ability Foundation - a non-profit organization. The foundation’s main goal is to raise money for people with disabilities to buy adaptive equipment to enable them to get into the outdoors, hunt, fish, hike, ride four-wheelers and participate in all the outdoors activities that we all love so much. Many people don’t realize there’s an organization raising money and purchasing equipment for people who want to be outdoors and want to participate in outdoors sports, but who don’t have the finances to purchase the equipment. We also want to let people with disabilities know that if they need outdoors equipment and can’t afford to purchase it, they can contact the Outdoor Ability Foundation. This group will try to help raise the money to get the adaptive equipment needed. One of the fund raisers that the Outdoor Ability Foundation does is auction off outdoor equipment that people are no longer using to raise money to purchase outdoor gear for people with disabilities. 

Go to and you can learn more about this giving organization that’s helping to get more people outdoors and enjoying outdoor activities.

To learn more about Ashlee Lundvall, go to or  

Ashlee Lundvall: How I Redefined My Life to Participate in the Outdoors

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