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AO Coolers Introduces New Mossy Oak Cooler


Mossy Oak and AO Coolers have partnered to offer soft-sided coolers in Break-Up Infinity. For more than 20 years, AO Coolers has been making high-quality, soft-sided coolers.  

AO started by making industrial coolers for the food industry back in the 1990s. Today the company provides coolers for boaters, fishermen, camping, travel, awards, and anything to do with the great outdoors. Until now, one very important group had been missing – hunters. 

“Customers had been asking us to make a camouflage cooler, and there was only one camouflage we would consider and that’s Mossy Oak,” said Brian Hatch of AO Coolers. “Now hunters can have, for the first time, a soft-sided cooler that’s guaranteed not to leak.” 

AO Coolers hold ice longer than any other soft-sided cooler. AO has the reputation of being the strongest soft cooler on the market. The coolers are available in sizes from a 12-quart up to a 54-quart, and now even a backpack cooler.  

To order or for more information, log on to

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