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Taiga Coolers Offering 25% Off Sale on Mossy Oak Coolers

Taiga Coolers Mossy Oak ElementsTaiga Coolers will extend their summer cooler sale into the hunting seasons of fall. All Mossy Oak Coolers from Taiga Coolers currently available are included in the sale. Mossy Oak Taiga Coolers are 25% off through September 31, 2018 using discount code OBSESSION online.

Taiga Coolers are offered with the following Mossy Oak patterns as lid graphics: Elements Agua (Official Pattern of B.A.S.S. and Major League Fishing) in multiple color options, Shadow Grass Blades (Official pattern of Ducks Unlimited), Obsession NWTF (Official Pattern of NWTF), Mountain Country, and Break-Up Country (Official Pattern of QDMA). Also available are solid-colored, tan and green coolers without patterned inserts but with the Mossy Oak logo. The Mossy Oak logo is featured in large, raised letters on the front of each hard cooler.

Taiga Coolers’ hard-sided coolers are injection molded with environmentally-friendly, FDA-compliant polypropylene. Features include dense, UV-resistant foam insulation used for extended ice retention. Slippage is prevented by Hydro-Turf non-skid feet and a heavy-duty drain system facilitates the removal of excess liquids. Coolers also have rugged exteriors and secure rubber latching systems to protect items from wildlife and other outside elements. A lid lock location is included so users may use their own locks to secure items if so desired. The heavy-duty features of this line fit a variety of outdoor needs.

The coolers are available in 27 and 55-quart sizes. External dimensions of the 27-quart cooler are 23” L x 15.5"W x 15" H; the 55-quarts are 34-1/4" L x W 19" x 17" H. Ice can be maintained at length thanks to leakproof, recessed, seamless lid gaskets.

Soft-sided coolers in Break-Up Country are also an option. Soft coolers hold up to 18 cans or bottles and five pounds of ice. Not one but two sweat liners are used around the cooler’s insulation to prevent sweating; a total of five different layers work to maintain the coolness or heat of your beverages and food. Layers include Tuff-Duck Material with a PVC backing and high-density foam. It has an empty weight of two pounds and is 15” L x 8” W x 10” H.

Mossy Oak Taiga Coolers are 25% off through September 31, 2018 using discount code OBSESSION online. This means outdoorsmen and tailgaters alike can benefit from the sale, which applies to all coolers, through dove season and early deer and fall turkey seasons. It’s fantastic timing for a great discount. Discount available immediately.  MSRP varies by size.

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