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Mossy Oak Branded AO Coolers


Provided By: Brian Stephens, Co-Host of Ultimate Bowhunting TV

There is one piece of equipment that we all depend on no matter if you are in the woods, on the water or at the ballpark and that is a good cooler.  In the past, my challenge has been finding a good cooler that had a variety of applications based on my situation.  I basically had to deal with the cube style cooler for all applications.  While there is nothing wrong with that and it can work very well, the new soft-sided coolers on the market today offer so much flexibility in how I keep my items cold.  American Outdoors Coolers or “AO” coolers has taken the soft-sided coolers to a new level, becoming an industry leader. 

So what makes AO Coolers so unique?  AO Coolers allow your items to stay cold for really long periods of time even in extremely hot temperatures.  AO Coolers are guaranteed to never leak or sweat because of their high-quality vinyl liner, the same material used to make waterbeds and above ground pools. The inner insulation is three-quarters of an inch thick, high-density, closed cell foam. This combination creates a cooler that will hold ice for 24 hours in 120-degree heat.  Another great feature of the AO Coolers is their soft exterior won’t scratch up your gel coat or tear up any upholstery.

AOCoolers_llWhat I really like is the versatility of these coolers to be used in so many different applications from your boat, truck, hunting camp, ballpark, and even tailgating. AO Coolers has truly thought of virtually every outdoors scenario to use their coolers from fishing, hunting, motorcycling, and tailgating to even inside of race trucks.  Many of the AO soft-sided coolers come with a zipper pocket, carry handles and shoulder carry strap.  Making it easy to transport from one location to the next.  These coolers are also perfect for squeezing into some tight spots because they are soft-sided and you are not restricted to a large storage area that comes with cube style coolers.

While I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman, I also coach my boys’ football and baseball teams.  In the South, we deal with some hot days at the park that requires we bring a lot of water.  Carrying a large cube style cooler is not really practical at times when I have other things I am carrying.  I use the AO Cooler with Mossy Oak Logo at the baseball field (seen in picture).  I can easily put in 12 bottles of water and ice to keep water cold for an entire day.  I can easily throw the cooler over my shoulder and go.  The cooler can be easily stored in the corner of the dugout or hung up out of the way.  

One additional feature to the AO Coolers is just how well they are made.  They are extremely tough and durable.  You will not have to worry about scratching it or the surface it is around.  The company has so much confidence in their coolers that they guarantee them for life. If it ever leaks, they will replace the liner. Tested, used, and sold by many of the performance boating industries and top manufacturers, this cooler will be the best cooler you will ever purchase.

If you would like to learn more about any of the American Outdoors Coolers or the Mossy Oak Logo and Pattern Coolers go to

More to come on the AO Coolers in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

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