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Wyoming's First Regulated Wolf Hunt Starts Monday

Wyoming's First Regulated Wolf Hunt Starts Monday

The state has sold more than 2200 wolf licenses and has several difference zones set up, including a trophy zone, a "flex" zone where wolves are regulated as trophy game for part of the season, and one zone in which wolves may be killed by almost any method.

Reporting requirements vary depending on the area being hunted: “In the predator area, you are required to report taking of a wolf to us within 10 days,” Game and Fish Spokesman Eric Kezsler said. “In the trophy area, you have to report it to Game and Fish within 24 hours,” he said. “Within five days, you have to present a skull and pelt.”

Gov. Matt Mead said, “It was recommended by the Secretary of the Interior, the director of the Fish and Wildlife Service, it has been peer-reviewed twice. It is a sound plan that allows for state control of wolves, which I think is very important.”


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