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Deer Contract EHD in 40 Indiana Counties


Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) is caused by a specific breed of flies called midges. The Indiana DNR reports EHD in 40 Indiana countries and is still working to determine the number of deer infected, but in nearby Michigan there are at least 6500 affected deer across 28 counties. The strain of EHD in Indiana is believed to have originated in southern Michigan. 

Deer that survive the disease develop an immunity. Although no cases of the disease spreading to humans are known, the Indiana DNR says that people should not eat deer that are visibly sick.

The message from the Michigan DNR is different: "The DNR has also said that deer may be eaten despite the possibility of the disease, as the venison itself is not affected. They say there is no evidence that humans can contract the EHD virus by eating or making contact with the venison."

Sportsmen's Bill held up in the Senate
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