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NEW Mossy Oak Elements Terra Outland Available from ScentLok

Mossy Oak is proud to align with its valuable partner, ScentLok Technologies, to offer a premier variety of camouflage gear tailored to the demanding needs of white-tail deer hunters.  

ScentLok Mossy Oak Elements Terra Outland

The pursuit of white-tailed deer means hunters need to blend into a wide variety of terrain, trees, and ever-changing seasonal tones.  Designed to conceal when it matters most,  Mossy Oak Elements Terra Outland was inspired by the diverse habitats of whitetails and the vast range of land they call home.  Mossy Oak Elements Terra Outland combines the highly effective pattern scale of Elements Terra with defined colorations and pattern tones tailored to the regionality of deer. Elements Terra Outland is a result of the incredible performance hunters found in Elements Terra Gila. Mossy Oak recognized the opportunity to retool the pattern with deer hunters in mind. With the mix of earthy browns and natural greens combined with the incredible visual depth of the Elements Terra camo family, Elements Terra Outland is a highly effective camouflage choice for white-tailed deer hunters across North America.

“ScentLok has been a long-time partner of ours that has consistently provided durable, dependable and industry leading technology in scent control for hunters,” said Chris Paradise, Chief Sales Officer for Mossy Oak. “Not only is the ScentLok team leading in development of technical hunting apparel, they understand what it takes to build what hunters need and want. That is because they are all hunters themselves and that is why their brand is so authentic.”

“Hunters tend to associate industry-leading scent control with ScentLok apparel, and we’re extremely proud of that, but those technologies and benefits are only one component of the ScentLok Advantage,” says Nexus Outdoors President, Aaron Ambur. “Today’s ScentLok garments perform well beyond their exceptional scent chassis in helping hunters earn more success. They combine the best materials and other technologies to ensure hunters stay comfortable and dry so they can sit longer, move easier with less bulk, and remain deadly-quiet so they can draw and release without alerting game. Camouflage is a critical component of the ScentLok Advantage, and we rely on our partners at Mossy Oak to deliver cutting-edge concealment options that perform in the diverse environments our customers hunt. We’re proud to offer our ScentLok apparel in multiple Mossy Oak patterns, and especially its exciting new Elements Terra Outland pattern, which is going to make a lot of deer hunters very happy.”

In 2017, Mossy Oak launched the revolutionary Elements family of patterns developed from the most basic elements: water, earth and air. Using leading edge three-dimensional modeling technology, we can literally recreate the unique topographical features of the earth to generate the most unique camo design ever introduced. The successful evolution of the Elements family of camo patterns has led to the result of Mossy Oak Elements Terra Outland. 

Preview a few of many more ScentLok items to be featured in the upcoming offering in Mossy Oak Terra Outland

BE:1 Phantom Pullover & Pant 

ScentLok’s BE: 1 Phantom Pullover & Pant provide an elevated option to hunters doing battle with the special challenges of warm-weather hunting. Enemy number-one to the hot-weather hunter is bacterial odor. Perspiration provides the ideal breeding ground for the fast-growing bacteria that cause our bodies to stink and alert deer and other game to our presence. The versatile BE:1 Phantom lightweight Pullover and Pant combat perspiration and resultant bacterial growth on all fronts.

BE:1 Reactor Windproof Jacket

New for 2022, the redesigned BE:1 Reactor Jacket represents an exciting, new, and indispensable core of any successful bowhunter’s apparel toolkit.  It retains the best features of the highly successful original BE:1 Reactor Jacket, while adding windproof capabilities and an ergonomic stretch fit scuba hood to push that performance and functionality even higher.

BE: 1 Voyage Bib

For 2022, the all-new ScentLok BE:1 Voyage Bib provides elite bowhunters with another tool in their full-season apparel toolkits. Designed to complement the bowhunter-favorite BE:1 Voyage Jacket while offering the increased coverage, storage, and other benefits of a bib to the BE:1 Voyage lineup, the new BE:1 Voyage Bib is tailored for comfort, ease-of-movement, and mobility throughout the hunt. Like other ScentLok BE:1 Voyage apparel, the new Voyage Bib is designed to support full-day sits, employing advanced, archery-friendly designs, ultra-silent fabrics, just-right warmth, and unsurpassed odor-controlling technology.

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